Vanguard Endeavor Spotting Scopes – The Perfect Gift for Hunters, Shooters & Birders!

Vanguard is quickly becoming one of my favorite brands. I wrote a blog post on their Endeavor Binoculars a few weeks ago, which are great for hunting and birding, but today I got to take a closer look at their Endeavor Spotting Scope, and I have to say it really impressed me.

So what’s great about this Vanguard Spotting Scope? Well, it was designed with a number of versatile uses in mind. I tend to focus on the hunting and shooting features, so I’ll start there.

A lot of hunters know that having a quality spotting scope with you on a hunt is important. You get greater magnification and a larger objective lens than with a binocular, so you’re going to see a sharper, brighter image. The Vanguard Endeavor Spotting Scope doesn’t disappoint here. The objective lens on this spotting scope is 82mm in diameter, so you’re going to collect plenty of light. This is especially important if you hunt in the morning or toward evening when there isn’t as much light, as you don’t have to worry about the brightness of your image with the Endeavor Spotting Scope.

If, on the other hand, you’re hunting in the middle of the day and start having trouble with glare, you can extend out the Vanguard Endeavor‘s sunshade to give you a bit of cover. Having the perfect amount of light is crucial to seeing a great image from a spotting scope, and Vanguard has used their engineering expertise to make sure you see the best image through the eyepiece.

Shooters also benefit greatly from the Endeavor‘s neck lock lever, which allows the spotting scope, when mounted on a tripod, to turn to the side for a quicker and more natural transition from spotting scope to riflescope.

Imagine you’re at the shooting range sighting in a new riflescope. You probably have your rifle on a shooting rest, like the Vanguard Porta-Aim Gun Rest. You’ll need to take a few shots before your new scope is perfectly on target, and it’s a hassle to get up and look through a spotting scope that requires the user to stand behind it. That’s where the neck lock lever comes in handy. You simply place the Endeavor Spotting Scope on a short tripod, turn the scope so the eyepiece is directly in line with your eye, and you’ll be able to easily switch from your riflescope’s eyepiece to the spotting scope. No need to get up!

But one of the best things about using a spotting scope for hunting is that you can adjust the magnification. The Endeavor adjusts from 20-60X magnification, which is going to be plenty for any outdoor activity, and to get the clearest picture Vanguard has included a dual focus wheel system. The larger wheel allows you to quickly focus to a reasonably sharp image, while the smaller wheel gives you finer control for even greater clarity.

Since I just brought up the sharpness of the image, I should mention some of the birding features for the Endeavor Spotting Scope. Besides the fine adjustment from the dual focus wheel, which will let you take in all the details of the fowl you’ve been searching for, you can also easily attach a digital camera adaptor for digiscoping purposes. Why view the bird once when you can take a high resolution photo and enjoy the moment for years?

If you use your Endeavor for digiscoping, you’ll love the quality of the lenses, which are fully multi-coated, and the BAK-4 prism gives you a beautifully magnified image without losing brightness.

Hunters and birders alike appreciate the waterproofing and fog proofing in the Endeavor Spotting Scope, and the sturdy construction with rubber armoring allows you to confidently bring the optic into the woods without fear of it being too delicate to handle the stresses of the wild.

As Christmas is right around the corner, if you have a hunter, shooter or birder in your life who needs a phenomenal present, look no further than the Vanguard Endeavor 20-60X82mm Spotting Scope. They’re sure to be happy come Christmas morning when they find this amazing spotting scope under the tree.

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