OPMOD Battle Mug – Excellence Needs No Justification

There are some people who look at mankind’s finest achievements and find the need to ask why.

Why build Mount Rushmore?

Why send a man to the moon?

Why make a beer mug with picatinny rails that can stop a .45 ACP bullet at 10 yards and withstand a point blank 1lb tannerite explosion?

Because we can, dammit. And because the world would be a slightly less awesome place without it.

OPMOD Battle Mug with Accessories

This is an OPMOD Battle Mug with $5000 in Weapon Accessories attached to it. Yes, that's an OPMOD Gen III Night Vision Monocular.

If you regularly peruse the interwebs, you may have come across one of the 50+ websites who have featured the OPMOD Battle Mug video over the past week. 77,000 views and counting. Clearly the OPMOD Battle Mug is striking a chord in the hearts and minds of Americans who ask, “Why shouldn’t I enjoy a frosty beverage from a mug machined out of a 13.5 pound solid block of aluminum?”

On the other hand, you have those who decry the $250 price tag. Certainly there are other ways to spend your money. If you are behind on child support payments, we cannot, in good conscience, recommend that you purchase an OPMOD Battle Mug. It’s not for everyone.

The OPMOD Battle Mug is for those who believe in the reckless pursuit of excellence. For those who don’t stop to calculate the R.O.I. on living their dreams.

That being said, we predict that the OPMOD Battle Mug will only appreciate in value. And besides, your investment in precious metals may be fiscally wise, but can you use gold Krugerrand to imbibe the tears of your vanquished foes? I think not.

Go in peace. Speak softly, and carry an OPMOD Battle Mug. Excellence needs no justification.


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  1. […] Originally Posted by UMBlue On topic- I think the biggest problem I have with most of the shows, as far as my personal enjoyment, is the "cheese" factor. I've never seen so much drama and two faced backed stabbing *cough* at least among men *cough*… And I like explosions as much as the average guy… But does everything have to blow up when shot?… Why are the projects always goofy and with little to no practical use? I'm waiting for one of them to strap a pistol, bayonet, shotgun, M203, 20x scope, NOD, and a Surefire Beast onto a SCAR-H and gush over it like school girls. Then they'll act like they invented a new uber-weapon that some cloaked figure from the military wants to T&E… He'll do so by blowing something up (not with the M203) no doubt. Or maybe we'll catch them drinking some coffee out of the Battle Mug, SL-3 complete. OPMOD Battle Mug – Excellence Needs No Justification | GearExpert by OpticsPlanet […]

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