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With such a diplomatic hold on the world’s optical arena, OpticsPlanet spends countless hours researching and innovating the best way to deliver microscopes, telescopes, range finders, riflescopes, and other tactical gear right to your doorstep. Necessity is the mother of invention, and the hunger for optical resources is quite fierce. That being said, OpticsPlanet is developing a new venue for its military gear, binoculars, and other optics. Pioneering the art of retail, PlanetadeOptica.com has arrived!

For all of you English speaking patrons, protocol remains the same. OpticsPlanet.com is home to the best in optics, period. Aside from our usual powerhouse network, we are now building a site that is completely in Spanish to service the Latino community. In a shrinking global economy, the earth’s inhabitants are coming closer and closer with the advancement of technology, eventually forming a patchwork quilt of many hues where fabrics of all types commingle and thrive. We love the Hispanic community, as we have always cherished and welcomed their business. PlanetadeOptica facilitates the purchasing process and will make everyone’s gift-giving wishes come true.

En Español:

OpticsPlanet está orgulloso presentar el nuevo sitio del Web PlanetadeOptica.com. Este adición nueva a la red de sitios de OpticsPlanet será completamente en español. No hay que buscar duramente para binoculares, telémetros, visores de rifle, u otro equipo táctica. También, se puede encontrar los mejores precios de telescopios, microscopios, equipo del laboratorio, y más. Visita www.PlanetdeOptica.com para saber lo necesario en ópticas.

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