Uncle Mike’s Accessories: Necessary


Uncle Mike’s bold statement to America is that their carrying bags, gun storage, holsters, and pouches are the best way to carry your guns and gear.  Experience this audacious confidence by outfitting your firearm with the shooting accessories only provided by Uncle Mike’s.  Holding down the fort since 1947, Uncle Mike’s has achieved such a position of envy that their initial swivel design has been emulated by many competitive entities.  This undeniable feat launches Uncle Mike’s holsters well into previously unseen enormity.
OpticsPlanet offers a super selection of gun storage and gloves from Uncle Mikes, all of which are manufactured to the standards of this fine country, with a tried and true devotion to accuracy.  Every shotgun shell slides gently into Uncle Mike’s open butt stock holder attachments, and Uncle Mike’s Shooting Gloves ensure the manliest of grips.  The life of a police officer is at stake each time a gun is drawn.  This is not the lottery; do not gamble with your life.  Trust Uncle Mike’s.
The legacy of Uncle Mike has been on the breaths of many, yet its virtue remains true.  Stick to the straight and narrow when it comes to quality.  Those words run deep in the hearts of hunters and shooters that rely on Uncle Mike’s accessories, as they too understand the longing for a gun accessory made for the rugged.  The backwoods proving grounds of Oregon trained masterful craftsmen, and you can have this advent in the palm of your hands.
Go to OpticsPlanet.com and realize the full potential of your abilities.  Uncle Mike’s accessories are the key to success on the range, in the field, or during the hunt.  They know you are counting on them to think it through, and indeed they have.  Execution and Performance.  Uncle Mike’sOpticsPlanet.

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