Thermal Imaging – Night Vision Alternative

The ATN Thermal-Eye X50 is an entry level ATN thermal imagerThermal imagers detect heat signatures from all objects generating more heat than their surroundings.  You may recognize the use of this technology from the show “Cops.”  After the drunk driver crashes into a tree, he emerges from his car and tries to escape the police.  Little does he know that soaring above is a police helicopter equipped with a powerful thermal imager capable of pinpointing his location no matter where he runs.  Thermal imaging cameras let you harness the same power for your purposes.  The Thermal-Eye X 50 by ATN serves a variety of purposes:
Firefighters can find victims in low visibility and smoky conditions.  Also, after a fire is extinguished, firefighters can quickly identify the remaining hotspots.
•Rescuers can detect casualties in rubble for faster search and rescue.
Law Enforcement officers can spot criminals trying to escape the law.
Military officers can use thermal imaging for any of the above purposes and others


Comparable in price to a Gen 2 Night Vision unit, the ATN Thermal-Eye X50 offers certain advantages over conventional nocturnal imaging devices.   Because it is impossible to hide a heat signature, neither a camouflaged fugitive, nor a coyote in the brush can go undetected from this thermal imager.  In fact, the ATN Thermal Eye is so sensitive that it can read your palm print on the surface of a table after you have removed your hand, or the heat generated from the friction from under your footstep.  It can even be used to identify heat leaks in areas of your house; this can save you hundreds of dollars on your heating bills.  Despite the high level of sensitivity, this thermal camera is immune to the bloom effects of bright lights typical of Night Vision Devices.  Another interesting distinction between the thermal imaging devices and traditional night vision devices is that the X50 has an output which can be connected to or recorded on a television or computer.  The point is, this thermal imaging camera is very sensitive, and has a wide variety of useful applications.  If you think this device can be useful to you, and you have the money to invest, you should seriously consider the ATN Thermal-Eye X-50 Thermal Imaging Camera as an alternative or accompaniment to your NVDs.

Do not forget that thermal cameras require two commercial AA batteries, either lithium batteries or alkaline batteries.


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