SHOT Show Day 2 Mega Post – Gerber, Vanguard, Trijicon, & EOTech!

We saw so many brands on Day 2 of SHOT Show that my head is spinning!  This is the mega post with Gerber, Vanguard, Trijicon and EOTech, but I also have posts for 5.11 Tactical, Armasight and MFT/Fobus coming soon, so keep your eyes peeled!

Gerber Knives and Tools Cut to the Chase

Right as the doors opened at 8:30AM we were on our way to the Gerber booth. Gerber has been releasing new products at an extremely fast rate lately, ranging from classic knives and multi-tools to higher end survival gear. The first item we took a look at was the new Gerber Bullrush Multi-Tool, with G-10 lined handles. You can quickly access the knife blade, a Phillips screwdriver, strap cutter and full-head screwdriver right from the outside. If you are in the market for a multi-tool, it’s worth checking out – it’s got the standard tools you can expect in a multi-tool but doesn’t have the bulk and weight many others do. It will retail around $50 and be available in early February.

We also took a look at the new Gerber Impromptu Tactical Pen. Releasing around the same time (early February) and with a retail price around $55, this Tactical Pen has a nice, smooth feel to it and weighs about an ounce. Tactical Pens have definitely come into vogue in the past year, and it’s easy to understand why. Most people always keep a pen on them or close by, and the hardened tip can be used for both self-defense or breaking glass in emergency situations. The Gerber Impromptu Pen also features a “Rite-in-the-Rain” ballpoint ink cartridge which allows you to… well.. write in the rain!

Gerber Folding Knives at SHOT Show 2013

Gerber reveals new knives at an incredible speed!

We also learned of some new improvements and line extensions for the Gerber Swagger series. In 2013, look for new models sporting an improved locking mechanism, faster “draw” or open, black blade options, and a newly refined, more tactical look.

Gerber Tech Skin Pocket Knife

Worried about scratching your phone’s screen because your pocket knife has sharp edges? Check out the Gerber Tech Skin Pocket Knife. It won’t hurt your phone one bit!

After that, we got a little hands-on time with the Gerber Tech Skin Pocket Knife. This no-frills knife is special in that it is over-molded. When folded up, there are NO sharp edges, nor is there any exposed metal. That means you could throw it in your pocket without any fear of nicking or harming anything – no sheath or clip required. The handle is made of rubber, specifically to prevent it from scratching the screens of electronic devices you may keep in your pocket or bag, like your phone, tablet, or e-Reader. Very nice! The Tech Skin should be available in February or early March.

Vanguard Endeavor HD Spotting Scopes and Spirit Binoculars Look Sweet!

Vanguard Endeavor HD Spotting Scope

If you thought the Endeavor ED Spotting Scopes were awesome, wait until you take a look at the Endeavor HD!

The big news at the Vanguard booth was the new Endeavor HD Spotting Scopes. Featuring ED glass and available at the end of January, the Vanguard Endeavor HD will come in a 15-45x65mm version (angled or straight) and also a 20-60x82mm version (angled only.) Vanguard’s goal was not only to improve on the optical quality offered, but also to offer a more well-rounded spotting scope. The Endeavor HD Spotting Scope features impressive eye-relief even at the highest magnification power and should be a hit with the not just the target shooting community, but also with the digiscopers of the world.

Last year Vanguard released the Spirit XF Binoculars, a slightly lower-priced version of their Spirit ED binoculars. This year Vanguard is releasing the Endeavor XF Spotting Scope line – coming in a 20-60x80mm model (both straight and angled) and a 15-45x60mm model. Expected to arrive in May at a great price, we’ll learn more about them as we get closer to the release date.

Trijicon Always Impresses – Especially When Have a NEW ACOG!

Trijicon ACOG and RMR

For the fastest target acquisition at close and medium range, mount a Trijicon RMR on a Trijicon ACOG!

We also briefly stopped by the Trijicon booth. This year we learned that they will be releasing new models of both the ACOG (one of the most popular gun sights in the past few years) and the RMR (micro red-dot) featuring Nickel Boron plating. Not every model ACOG or RMR will receive models with the new Nickel Boron plating, but those that do will have feature a nice, polished finish and a more resistant surface to abrasions and harsh conditions.

In addition, Trijicon is releasing a new 3x30mm ACOG model with the 300 AAC Blackout Reticle. Designed for a 16″ barrel and bullet drop compensator for both supersonic and subsonic ammunition. If you know ACOGs, you know this product, and for those out there looking for the newest model this is the one to get in 2013. No mention if this model will also have a Nickel Boron version, but if we find out we’ll be sure to let you know!

Are you afraid of Zombies?  EOTech’s got your Back!

EOTech Z2

For the next generation of Zombie Stopping sights, check out the EOTech Z2!

EOTech is one of our favorite brands.  We’ve worked with them on some of our best OPMOD Products, and their holographic weapon sights never fail to impress us.  Last year they made a huge splash with their new Zombie Stopper Holosight, which they’ve updated this year to the Z2.  It’s got a nice bit of zombie blood on there (it might be green paint, but it’s for taking down zombies so it at least LOOKS like paint), and the cool biohazard reticle like the original!

We’re so excited about EOTech that we’re giving away their XPS-3 Transverse Red Dot Holosight!  This is one of the world’s most popular and effective red dots, valued at over $600, and we’re giving one away starting NOW!  Just head over to our Facebook page and click the SHOT Show 2013 Tab at the top of the page (or click here), and enter your email for your chance to win! Our giveaways for NightForce and Streamlight are still ongoing, so feel free to enter those as well, and check back tomorrow and Saturday for giveaways from Crimson Trace and Nikon!  Enter by Febuary 8th, 2013 so you don’t miss out!

Whew!  SHOT Show Day 2 was quite a day!

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