Blackhawk CQC SERPA Holster – Bring on the Brilliance

What are the attributes you look for in an award winning holster? Should it be versatile, rugged, innovative, or comfortable? Well how about all of the above. These characteristics are becoming of the Brilliance Award recipient for the Best Value Holster Line, the Blackhawk CQC SERPA Holster. When the only thing that stands between you and chaos is your gun, you know you need the fastest draw available on the market. However, with other fast-draw holsters, you will often run into a loose fit which can be both dangerous and counter productive. Well, not with the Blackhawk Serpa Holster which has a patented technology that offers teh fastest draw in combination with utmost security.

The secret is the trigger guard-engaging latch which secures your firearm upon holstering. As you unsheath it, the release mechanism is located exactly where your index finger naturally lands when reaching for the firearm. The release is fast, smooth, and hardly noticeable at all. Don’t bother with holsters that require excessive dexterity with your middle or ring finger. This holster from Blackhawk Tactical allows for super easy unholstering and holstering with only one hand and no futzing around.

With a low profile, the Blackhawk CQC maintains a very low profile and minimum weight and bulk making it a prime candidate for one of the best concealed carry holsters available this side of the Nile. If durability is your concern then concern yourself with something else because Blackhawk did not design this holster to be used just once. These Blackhawk holsters are made from some of the most rugged yet lightest carbon fiber materials.

This Brilliance Award winning holster and other Blackhawk holsters are available at Optics Planet this holiday season. Optics Planet is a national leader is tactical gear and shooting accessories such as holsters.

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