Steiner 8×30 Safari Pro Compact Binoculars – Great Gift!

You probably know someone who hunts, who is a birder, who hikes or camps, or who travels. If you’re like the average person, you probably have no idea what to get them this holiday season. Don’t worry, that’s natural. So let me toss a suggestion out to you:

The Steiner 8×30 Safari Pro Compact Binoculars.

At under $200, these Steiner Binoculars are incredibly affordable while still bearing the incredible quality that all Steiner Optiks products have. If you are looking for Birding Binoculars, the glare and UV blocking coating will come in handy, along with the wrap-around eyecups for blocking any light from coming in the peripheral. If you are looking for Hunting Binoculars or Hiking Binoculars, these Steiner 8×30 Safari Pro Binoculars are compact, and weigh only 18 ounces (no need to add too much weight to your kit!)

Steiner Optics has built these binoculars with the convenient Steiner Sports Auto-Focus so once you set the focus for your eyes, these binoculars will automatically focus in on your subject from 20 yards to infinity. It is not surprising how handy that is when you are scanning across a horizon, taking in all that you can view. And the fixed 8x magnification is just enough to have the power you want to see far into the distance, without the limiting field of view that higher power magnification typically carries. At 1000 yards the Steiner 8×30 Safari Pro Compact Binoculars has a field of view (f.o.v.) of 360 feet (that’s 120 yards!) Can’t argue with that!

I think it’s clear. The Steiner Safari Pro 8x30mm Compact Binos make an excellent gift this holiday season for that birder, hunter, hiker, camper, traveler, or just really awesome person on your list. For a gift under $200, it’s a can’t-beat deal on such an excellent pair of Steiner Safari Pro Binoculars. With that said – be sure to check out our Unique Christmas Gift Guide! And stop by Optics Planet for all the deals and offers every day this holiday season, and give out the best gifts this year!

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