ATN Ultra Reflex Sights – Versatile Red Dot Sights for a Quick Shot

We have a number of different red dot sights in our store, and while most of them offer a tremendous value, ATN Reflex Sights give you an incredible bang for your buck.

There are three different ATN Red Dot Sights. First up we have the regular ATN Ultra Sight. This reflex sight comes with 4 reticle patterns, and switching from one to another is a snap, or perhaps I should say a twist, as it’s just a quick twist of a knob that allows you to modify the reticle to your preference. If you like a dot, no problem. Circle with a dot? Just a twist and you’re there. Cross hair? Open cross hair with dot? They’re all available right out of the box, so you can use the pattern that best suits your activity or preference.

A rheostat lets you take your preferred reticle and adjust the brightness to the perfect level. All this versatility allows you to use the ATN Ultra Sight for a variety of different shooting situations, and as it fits a standard Weaver base you can mount it on most rifles, hand guns or shotguns.

To add even more value, the ATN Ultra sports an intelligent electrical design that will prolong battery life, so you can count on quick target acquisition when you need it.

So how to do you make the ATN Ultra Sight better? Well, as ATN employs some of the best high tech weapon experts in the world they took the reliable quality of the Ultra Reflex Sight and made the ATN Ultra Sight Digital. The Ultra Digital increases the number of available reticle patterns from 4 to 5, with an added open cross hair.

Unlike the original Ultra Sight, the ATN Ultra Digital uses buttons to switch reticles instead of a knob, and brightness is likewise controlled by easy to use buttons. Once you’ve found the perfect balance of brightness and reticle style you can save the pattern and light level for quick recall.

But I said three different ATN Red Dots Sights at the beginning of this post, and I haven’t forgotten the last one. The ATN Compact Digital Ultra Reflex Sight takes most of the great features in the full-sized Ultra Digital and cuts the size in half. As it’s smaller, the Compact Ultra Digital is lighter, and a more comfortable fit on a handgun. It still has multiple reticles, with three options: Dot, Post and Post with Dot. Rather than a manual brightness adjust, the ATN Compact Ultra has an automatic Brightness control, so you can be sure you’ll always have a perfectly visible reticle, regardless of the pattern you choose.

These three Red Dot Sights from ATN give you really fast target acquisition, as they’re parallax free and you shoot with both eyes open. Keeping your eyes open is both more natural and enhances your peripheral vision, so you’ll also have better situational awareness when you equip your rifle or shotgun with a reflex sight.

Christmas is coming, and an ATN Reflex Sight is an outstanding gift idea for a friend or yourself. In fact, why not treat yourself when buying a buddy a present by getting two and seeing who has greater success with their new gun sight?

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