New OPMOD Spotting Scope Product Video!

We keep expanding our OPMOD line of products, and just in time for Christmas we’ve added a fantastic new spotting scope!

The OPMOD 20-60x60mm Spotting Scope is a perfect fit for a number of different activities, from nature observation and birding to hunting. We’re so excited about it we just made a new Product in Focus video for the OPMOD Spotting Scope with Steve Ledin, our Director of Product Intelligence, giving you the low down on all the great features.

I don’t want to steal his thunder, but this new spotting scope is so amazing I need to say a few things before the video. We designed the OPMOD 20-60X60mm Spotting Scope using feedback from you, so it has all the functionality that you’ve been looking for! This hunting spotting scope is water resistant, so you don’t need to worry about a little moisture ruining your fantastic new lenses.

Speaking of lenses, the premium glass in this exclusive spotting scope is fully multi coated and the exit pupil is extra large, so it’ll give you a high level of light transmission and you’re sure to get a great view.

As we’re always trying to make our OPMOD products a better deal, we’ve included a tripod and a carrying case so you’ll have everything you need for your next big hunting or birding trip.

Check out the video below for a lot more information from Steve and see the OPMOD Spotting Scope in action!

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