The Streamlight Strion – The World’s First Rechargeable Weapon-Mountable Flashlight!

There are a number of things to look for in a weapon-mountable flashlight. Brightness, weight and battery life are all going to make a difference on the battlefield or when you’re out hunting, but those factors are important for any flashlight. More important for when you’re mounting your flashlight on a firearm is toughness.

The Streamlight Strion Tactical Flashlight System has all the toughness you need, as well as an innovative design to ease mounting. The grooved barrel will keep the light in place no matter how many rounds you fire off, and the anodized aluminum material is tough enough to stand up to intense shock without issue. The high temperature glass on the flashlight ensures that there won’t be any problems because of the heat of the gun.

But this is a Streamlight Flashlight, so you know it’s more than just tough. There are a host of unique features that set the Strion apart. The most prominent of these is that the flashlight is rechargeable. The Strion Flashlight is the first weapon mounted flashlight with a lithium ion battery that can be recharged while the battery is still in the flashlight. This means you don’t need to take it apart to get the battery out! This is much simpler than many other rechargeable flashlights. The battery will also fully recharge at least 300 times, so you will get years of great use out of it.

And the quality doesn’t end there. I’m really impressed by the battery life (up to 70 minutes of continuous usage between charges) and the power of the light. The Streamlight Strion Weapon Light can produce up to 12,000 candlepower or 80 lumens, and the focus of the beam is adjustable, so you can find the right amount of light for your job.

Since it’s a mountable flashlight, size and weight are also important, as too much weight will throw the balance off on your fantastic rifle. Well, it’s going to be hard to beat the Streamlight Strion. It’s only 5.3″ long, and weighs 4.6 oz., which is less than a third of a pound!

With this much power coming from a small package, you’d probably guess that the Strion Flashlight is expensive, but Streamlight also made it a great value! You’re going to be happy you went with the Streamlight Strion Weapon-Mountable Flashlight the next time you’re in the field and need a little more light.

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