Meade mySKY GPS System- a Sky Tracking GPS & your personal Space Tour Guide

Lately, there have been a lot of buzz around the office. We have finally got our hands on the new Meade mySKY Space Exploration Guide Device and let me tell you, many, many have been eager to try one of these out. Why not? If we’re going to be selling one of the new gps sky guides, a relatively new idea, why not get a taste and feel of what these are made of. Our product specialists couldn’t wait to take the mySKY GPS Device home and put them through all kinds of tests: from our jaded astronomers to our grizzled personal firearms expert. After hours of tests on various constellations, stars, and planets, our astronomy guru concluded:

As far as additional information on objects, the MySky is definitely a winner. It could keep you entertained for hours with all the excellent additional information on objects and astronomy in general. The MySky definitely gets the nod here.

After a night of testing under a stormy sky, our firearms specialist derived that:

It’s [Meade mySKY GPS Device] so easy to use, anyone can do it, even a techno-challenged person like me. I’ve always wanted to know what a few of the regular night lights were, either stars or planets. With the descriptions given to me by My Sky, now I’ll know.

Of course, we wanted some feedback from let’s say the ‘average consumer’ and gave other employees a chance to test this item. The end result? They are all thrilled and even wanted another night under the stars with the mySKY. Meade my SKY not only appeals to astronomy enthusiasts but the general public as well. In addition to being a great educational tool, Meade Sky Exploration Guide definetely deserves a place under your recreational activities. As one of our marketing analysts said, “It is one of the most unique date ideas that you just can’t wait to repeat over and over again!”

Preorder your Meade mySKY today and in no-time you will know the celestial charts better than the back of your hand.

To read a full review written by our firearms expert please visit the following page.

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