EOTech M914A Monocular: Cutting Edge Night Vision

Optics Planet is thrilled to announce the availability of the best-in-class M914A Night Vision Monocular from EOTech. This 3rd Generation EOTech model has fast become the preferred night vision system for law enforcement agencies, military personnel, and outdoor enthusiasts that demand superior performance and reliability. From remote deer stands to military sniper ranges, the M914A Monocular has been continually tested in the field and has passed those tests with flying colors – and plenty of lead on target to boot.
The M914A and the available accessories from Optics Planet make for an extremely versatile system. Coupled with an infrared laser sight or other night vision compatible primary optical device the M914A becomes a fearsome low light aiming platform. Prefer hands free operation? This model can be quickly mounted on a helmet or other head gear to afford users full use of both hands while allowing for penetrating low light vision. You can even use the this model as a simple hand-held monocular or short range lighting device: the M914A comes equipped with an active projected infrared LED for discreet illumination, great for map reading and other low light needs when you cannot afford to give away your position.
The cutting edge M914A Night Vision Monocular features a fully adjustable gain – widely considered a must have option for superior night vision optics – as well as a convenient low battery indicator so you’ll never have to worry about losing your sight. And don’t forget to take a look at the bundle sales now available at www.OpticsPlanet.com to get yourself outfitted with a compatible helmet mounting kit.
If quality construction, dependable performance, and superior reliability are things you are looking for in a night vision system, look no further than the M194A Night Vision Monocular from EOTech. be sure to take advantage of Optic Planet’s fast and free shipping option for this must-have night vision scope.

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