VWR & Optics Planet: A Great Team

Here at Optics Planet, when we think of scientific equipment suppliers one name always immediately comes to mind – VWR.
VWR has long been a leading distributor of a huge range of scientific equipment and supplies and have easily established themselves as the go to source for a wide range of scientific and laboratory product categories, from advanced apparatus such as medical incubators to basic equipment like test tubes and sterile masks. No matter what kind of scientific equipment you are looking for, you can rest assured that the VWR and Optics Planet partnership will deliver.
Take the Barnstead Cimarec Digital Hot Plate Stirrer, for example. This stir plate possesses a huge amount of features packed into an efficient, space-saving unit. With the high-wattage heating option, this unit can quickly bring any samples to a rolling boil, and it even comes equipped with built in safety features to warn users of hot surfaces. But the primary function of this product is of course the magnetic stirring feature – and it really performs beautifully here. With microprocessor controlled feedback, variable speed control, and incredibly strong magnetic coupling, you can be sure that this stir plate will perform consistently and satisfactorily every time. Need a stir plate that can handle the thickest and most viscous of liquids? No problem – this model is designed with just that scenario in mind. As an added bonus, the integrated StirTrac technology in the Cimarec Hot Plate Stirrer allows for the immediate braking of stir rod rotation for quick flask removal – no waiting for the stir rod to spin down on this model. It is truly a top of the line stir plate product.
To get this and other lab equipment devices at the absolute lowest prices available anywhere, be sure to check out the complete line of scientific products brought to you by VWR and Optics Planet at www.opticsplanet.com and www.labplanet.com – you won’t be disappointed.

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