Streamlight Stinger Series Flashlights: Shining a Light on Performance

The Stinger Series of performance flashlights from Streamlight boasts the distinction of being the lighting option of choice for the most demanding of situations. From law enforcement agencies to fire and rescue teams, from industrial applications to adventures in the Great Outdoors, the Streamlight Stinger line of Xenon Bulb Flashlights and LED Flashlights continues to set the standard for portable illumination reliability and durability. OpticsPlanet is proud to bring you the complete Streamlight Stinger Series as well as a host of Streamlight Flashlight Accessories – all at steeply discounted prices.

Streamlight has worked tirelessly to develop rugged, fully rechargeable flashlight lighting options that meet and exceed the needs of a diverse range of users. If sheer power is your thing, you will want to check out the UltraStinger model. This high-performance xenon-halogen flashlight features a blinding peak beam intensity of 75,000 (295 lumens) – guaranteed to shed a powerful new light on the task at hand. If superior versatility is more your thing, take a look at the Stinger DS LED HP model. With three variable lighting modes, a strobe light option, long range targeting beam, and an independently functioning head-mounted switch, the DS LED HP is the perfect flashlight for a wide range of uses. Equipped with a ridiculously long bulb life of 50,000 hours and a rugged shock-proof design, users of this performance flashlight can rest assured that when they need light – they will get it.
As an added bonus, all Streamlight Stinger models come equipped with powerful nickel-cadmium batteries capable of up to 1,000 recharges – so that painful last minute dash to the store for a pack of expensive batteries is thankfully a thing of the past.
So don’t get left in the dark – order your new Stinger Series Flashlight today at to take advantage of the lowest prices you will find anywhere and the always fast, always free shipping.

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