Target Acquisition Like the Pros

It’s a fairly well-known fact that Trijicon can get you on target fast.  Their ACOGs are legendary for their insane target acquisition speed and durability.  The Bindon Aiming Concept gives shooters the chance to shoot with both eyes open and the fixed power magnification (usually around 4x, but Trijicon offers a few options dependent on your preference) makes them incredibly easy to use.  Soldiers and police officers all around the world have chosen to use an ACOG for missions, but there are times when you might want another sight.

When you’re in close quarters, even a little magnification can be too much.  And these are often the situations where target acquisition speed is absolutely life saving.  One of the most popular styles of sights in recent years is the red dot sight, which do not magnify an image at all, and they allow shooters to keep both eyes open.  Trijicon pays a lot of attention to what military and law enforcement professionals need.  That’s why they developed the SRS (Sealed Reflex Sight).

The Trijicon SRS Sealed Reflex Sight

The Trijicon SRS Sealed Reflex Sight has a very compact design and tough materials.

I first got to look at the SRS at SHOT Show almost a year ago, and it’s still impressing.  I remember the Trijicon representative touting the SRS as the “ACOG of red dot sights.”  That’s pretty big talk, but if anyone can make such a claim, it’s Trijicon.  They’ve already proven the quality of their sights on battlefields across the globe.  The SRS has a ton of great features that make it tough and capable.

First, it employs a military grade aluminum-alloy housing.  This makes it tough.  Really tough.  You can really bang this sight around and hardly see a scratch.  But banging it around won’t be much of a problem.  The shape and size of the SRS is ‘snag free,’ so you don’t have to worry about it catching on a door, wall or anything hanging objects.  It’s tough enough to handle whatever punishment you throw at it, and compact enough to avoid most bumps and bruises.

This compact size serves the SRS in more ways than just preventing breaks.  The size allows you to mount more gear on your firearm (this is always welcome!), and from a purely performance aspect, the shorter housing prevents the ‘tubing’ effect that some reflex sights have.  The Trijicon SRS is very open and gives you an outstanding field of view.  You don’t have to worry about any image distortion or other issues.  You may not have experienced the ‘tubing’ effect before, but you’ll still benefit greatly from the clarity you get from the SRS.  You need to be on target fast, and a clear, consistent view is a big part of that.

As a red dot sight, the SRS also has an illuminated reticle, and to ensure a great deal of versatility and customization, Trijicon added in 10 different brightness settings.  It’s easy to adjust the brightness on the fly, allowing you to adjust for particular conditions, and the combination of a solar panel and AA battery make the power source very consistent and reliable.  AA batteries are easy to find, and the power you’ll get from just one battery will be greatly prolonged due to the addition of solar power.  In fact, the addition of the solar panel will give you up to 3 years of power from a single battery!  That’s a long time to not have to change batteries!

That’s a lot of features for a single red dot sight.  The Trijicon SRS has quickly gained popularity among the professionals, and it’s a fantastic alternative to the ACOG if you want even faster target acquisition but still need the incredible toughness and reliability of the ACOG.  Trijicon makes it easy to get incredible target acquisition speed.  Check out their Sealed Reflex Sight the next time you want to shoot like the pros.

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    Ok what is new Surefire has been making replacement forearms with lights for year for both Remington and Mossberg, problem is the cost low in being 300.00. You can get a replacement forearm with a rail and attach a 1 inch mount with a tac light a do the same thing. I set up 3 shotguns for what one would cost if I did a surefire replacement forearm.

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