The Bushnell HOLOsight: Stand and Deliver

Millions of American citizens entrust their lives to the Bushnell HOLOsight. Over the numerous years of its existence, the Bushnell HOLOsight line has garnered the reputation as the bane of criminals that seek to violate an American’s right to safety and property within their own home. Equipping your favorite firearm, whether rifle, shotgun, or pistol with this Bushnell red dot sight guarantees peace of mind in your slumber because the HOLOsight by Bushnell offers a dramatic decrease to your target acquisition time and an equally dramatic increase in your accuracy. The seconds you shave and the inches by which you adjust your aim can be the factors necessary to successfully protecting your loved ones.

The Bushnell Holosight is an inexpensive-yet-effective red dot sight geared strictly for the pinnacle of performance. Advanced holographic technology is used to project an illuminated crosshair 50 feet into the distance to avoid parallax and offer unlimited eye relief and field of view. You will find these features useful in life-or-death situations when simply being aware of your surroundings is not enough. You need the edge of an unlimited FOV. Other features on the Bushnell Gen 2 Holosight allow for premium customizability that will spur hours of interest as your test optimum configurations to fit your needs. This Bushnell red dot scope features 20 levels of brightness adjustment with a tactical holographic reticle for lightning-speed target acquisition. With the Bushnell Holo Sight, you will never have to worry about losing your customized settings. The Bushnell Holosight Gen II comes standard with Intensity Memory technology which recalls your settings the next time you turn your HOLOsight on.

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