Nikon EDG Binoculars – Nikon’s Best Glass for their Sharpest Image!

Sometimes you just need the best. Nikon understands this, which is why they’ve leveraged their incredible expertise manufacturing sports optics to develop some absolutely outstanding binoculars.

The Nikon EDG Binoculars are truly cutting edge. There are a number of reasons for this, but it all starts with the quality of the glass. All the bells and whistles in the world won’t make up for substandard glass, so Nikon made sure to include their legendary ED Glass in the EDG Binoculars.

So what’s ED Glass? Well, the ED stands for Extra-low dispersion. The low dispersion means you won’t experience the same chromatic aberrations as in lower quality binoculars. The colors you see through the EDGs are just like you’d see with a naked eye.

This is huge for birders and nature lovers who want to see everything perfectly. Imagine you’ve spent years waiting to see that rare fowl, and just when it presents itself, your binoculars show you colors unlike what you’ve always dreamt of. This isn’t a problem when you have a Nikon EDG Binocular.

The Extra-low dispersion also means you’ll have a brighter, sharper image, so even greater detail is possible, and you’ll be able to use your binoculars in more varied conditions.

The lenses are designed using Nikon Field Flatter Lens System. This means you’ll have a clear image from one edge to another, instead of just through a small portion of the middle of the lens. Amazing quality glass manufactured for optimal performance.

But while the quality of these Nikon binoculars starts with the glass, it doesn’t end there. The roof prism is phase-correction-coated for a higher resolution image, and the binoculars are O-Ring Sealed and nitrogen-filled for waterproofing. They can stand up to harsh conditions and still provide fantastic performance.

And if you’re glassing for hours on end during your big hunting expedition you’ll really appreciate the ergonomic design. The extended eye relief allows eyeglass-wearers to comfortably use them as well, so no one is left out!

That is a lot of sweet benefits in a single package.

There are currently five different models of the Nikon EDG available from OpticsPlanet: 7X42mm, 8X42mm, 10X42mm, 8X32mm and 10X32mm. With so many options all featuring the same outstanding quality materials and design, you know you’ll always the glass you need with a pair of Nikon EDG Binoculars!

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