Exclusive New OPMOD EOTech Sights and Magnifiers are Now On Sale

I know you’ve been waiting. We’ve had the presale for the latest offerings from our OPMOD line going for a while now, but the wait if finally over. The L-3 EOTech OPMOD MPO III and the L-3 EOTech OPMOD MPO II are now available at OpticsPlanet.net!

OPMOD (OpticsPlanet MODification) is our exclusive line of products that are made with our customers in mind. Our in-house product specialists are hunting and shooting enthusiasts, and they felt there was a need for a few modifications to L-3 EOTech’s already outstanding Holographic Weapon Sights. Working alongside L-3 EOTech’s engineers, our specialists made a few changes to improve the value and function of one of EOTech’s most popular gun sights.

The OPMOD MPO III was designed to be shot with both eyes open, allowing for extremely fast target acquisition, and it is a favorite of hunters and soldiers for in your face shooting. This holographic weapon sight is parallax free, so any time you see the reticle on your target your shot is a sure hit. The low energy needs of the red dot sight help the battery last for about 600 hours. And you don’t need to worry about rail space, as the sight only takes up 2 ¾ inches.

The OPMOD MPO II takes all the great features and functionality of the MPO-III and adds night vision compatibility. With a single simple button press the reticle dims so that it doesn’t overwhelm night vision.

We saw all the awesome aspects of these two OPMOD weapon sights and we thought we could give you even more, so we added a G23 3x Magnifier to the package. The flip to side mounted magnifier adds mid-range functionality to the holographic weapon sight.

OpticsPlanet is all about taking care of our customers. We work to bring you the best possible products, even if they haven’t been developed yet. If our customers need something and no one makes what they’re looking for, or it’s too expensive, we’ll do our best to make sure it comes to OpticsPlanet.net.

Take a look at the new L-3 EOTech OPMOD Holographic Weapon Sights. Your shooting will be better because you did.

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