Steiner Takes Over at the Thunder Beast Team Challenge!

It looks like Steiner has a bit of boasting to do, and for good reason: The Steiner Shooting Team recently won the Thunder Beast Team Challenge at the Blue Steel Ranch in New Mexico.  They beat 26 other teams in a pretty intense competition.  But it’s not just that they won; they won big.  The Steiner Shooting Team’s score was 1397.36.  The second place team was 70.28 points behind.  That’s not winning by a nose but rather by a couple lengths.  They probably could have turned around at the finish line to see if anyone was on their tails.

I’m not too surprised by the win.  I don’t know teammates R.J. Dussart or Sky Leighton, but it sounds like they represent their brand pretty well.  In order to win the Thunder Beast Team Challenge contestants have to go through a grueling competition that tests their accuracy even when exhausted.  Dussart and Leighton proved to be tough and accurate, just like Steiner Optics.  In the competition, the two men in the teams took on very different roles.  One acted as a long range sniper while the other was a close quarters carbine rifleman.  They had to work as a team to find and eliminate targets.  The grounds were set up in such a way that each player would have to determine the ideal locations to take a shot on the fly, so improvised shooting positions were the norm.  It takes a lot of skill to hit a target when you have the perfect place to stand or lay prone, so running all over the place, taking shots from odd angles and from difficult stances is a real test of expertise.  The Steiner Team didn’t seem to have much trouble.

Steiner makes a number of great binoculars, and for many of you that’s what they’re primarily known for.  The quality of their glass, the number of features and their durability are pretty legendary, so for their team to perform any less than the best would be a letdown.  We are well aware of their quality, as Steiner won three different Brilliance Awards this year, including best Binoculars brand (as chosen by popular vote) and best marine binoculars and best hunting binoculars.

Brilliance Award Winning Steiner Binoculars

Two Brilliance Award Winning Steiner Binoculars!

But they’re not just about locating targets with binos.  At SHOT Show last January Steiner announced the return of their rifle scopes.  These rugged, powerful scopes have been a hit this year.  They have the amazing quality of Steiner’s Binoculars, and the variable power magnification makes them ideal for a number of situations.  Just like in the Thunder Beast Competition it’s important to have versatility.  Sometimes a shot needs to be taken at long range.  Sometimes right up close.  Sometimes you need to be on the move, and sometimes you can be stationary and take your time lining up your shot.  Steiner understands this pretty well.  If I could have been lucky enough to compete in the competition I’d have loved to have some Steiner glass in hand.  I might not be as good a shot as R.J. Dussart or Sky Leighton, but I’m sure I’d have a better chance at hitting my targets quickly and consistently if I had a Steiner Scope on my rifle.

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    Ok what is new Surefire has been making replacement forearms with lights for year for both Remington and Mossberg, problem is the cost low in being 300.00. You can get a replacement forearm with a rail and attach a 1 inch mount with a tac light a do the same thing. I set up 3 shotguns for what one would cost if I did a surefire replacement forearm.

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