Trijicon AccuPoint offers Battery-Free Illumination for Any Light Shooting

Have you ever been out hunting when the battery in your rifle scope or red dot sight dies? While many sights today have amazing battery life, that battery will eventually run out of juice, but the good folks at Trijicon are hoping to fix this issue. The Trijicon Accupoint series of riflescopes all feature any-light shooting capability without a battery.
The battery-free performance is achieved through fiber optics, which collects ambient light to illuminate the reticle. The fiber optics in the Accupoint series automatically adjust to the lighting conditions so your reticle is never too bright or too dim. The balance between reticle brightness and target clarity is extremely important for quick target acquisition. If the reticle floods your eye with light you will struggle to see past it to the target. If it is too dim you will not be able to see the reticle at all.
If it’s extremely dark and there too little available light, Accupoint Scopes also have the Trijicon Tritium-Phosphor Lamp, which enhances the light gathered from the fiber optics to ensure that you always have a perfectly-lit reticle.
But Accupoint Riflescopes are not just high tech wonders. They feature tried and true lenses that are multi-coated for high light transmission with no distortion. The hard-anodized aluminum body of the scopes makes them tough enough to withstand any weather conditions and punishment they receive on the battlefield or you favorite hunting grounds.
The combination of advanced technology and rugged, consistent performance is what has made Trijicon a favorite of many in the United States military and law enforcement professionals around the world. With 30 years of experience manufacturing high tech riflescopes with low tech durability, Trijicon continues to advance the rifle scopes industry with their Accupoint series.

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