Fobus Holsters: Made for Speed

Bob Munden, the world’s fastest quick shooter can draw his gun from his holster and shoot at his target in less than 0.2 seconds. While most people won’t find themselves in a position where they need to fire before they even get to blink, law enforcement and military personnel know that speed is key when reacting to a threat. Naturally nothing can replace training when it comes to improving your reaction, but a quality gun holster can save you time on your draw. This is where the Fobus holster comes in.

Developed in Israel with military and special services use in mind, Fobus offers an extensive line of holsters that fits every type of gun. Their unique injection molded polymer holsters are made to be low maintenance, comfortable, durable, and have a faster draw time than leather holsters.

So if you rely on speed and want to be the first to fire, then the Fobus tactical holster is for you. This specific model has a unique safety and retention system of its own. The gun can be drawn quickly through the design of a safety strap that goes around the trigger guard and an open withdrawal slot on the rear of the holster. Without sacrificing safety for speed, the handgun is secured by the safety strap in addition to a muzzle stud. The Fobus tactical holster is also designed to accommodate gun accessories such as rail mounts and trigger guards.

In addition to tactical holsters, we also carry the Fobus Roto-Holster, Fobus holster accessories, and more. With their no questions asked return policy and a 100% lifetime warranty of repairs or replacement, Fobus stands by their product and customers. So what are you waiting for? You have nothing to lose. Check it out at Optics Planet.

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