Red HOT Shooting with the ATN Thor 3 Thermal Imaging Weapon Sight

In Norse Mythology (and comic books) Thor called forth thunder and lightning with his hammer Mjölnir. When you want to bring the thunder at night with your rifle, make sure to first equip it with ATN Thor 3 Thermal Imaging Weapon Sight.
Nighttime shooting can be tricky. There are a number of factors to consider. If you’re using regular night vision, such as those made by ATN, you need to be careful that the conditions are right. Most of the time you’ll have a partner or hunting buddy next to you. If he is using a flashlight, that could severely limit your ability to use night vision. If the light shines directly into the device, it could do harm to your expensive gear and temporarily render your night vision useless. Night vision is amazing if you use it right, but you need to be careful.
Thermal imaging doesn’t have the same problems with flashlights. That’s what makes the Thor 3 such an awesome tool for hunting or the battlefield. If there are obscurants on the battlefield like dust, smoke or fog you will still be able to see heat signatures. This is a huge advantage on the battlefield.
Of course, another big factor in dangerous low light situations is staying hidden. When engaging an enemy it’s best if you can see them and they can’t see you. When you use the Thor 3 there will be no sign that you’re there. Bright flashlights can act as a beacon to let others know where you are. The Thor 3 emits no light or RF energy, keeping you safe and concealed.
What sets the ATN Thor 3 apart from the competition is the quality of the image produced. Thermal imaging systems are, by nature, digital devices. Most of these systems, if they have any zoom function at all, use digital image magnification, which works well for low magnification, but distorts the image at higher zoom levels. The Thor 3 combines digital zoom and optical zoom. Any optical device is dependant on the quality of the lenses it uses, and the glass in the Thor 3 is of the same exceptional quality as in other ATN devices. The optical lenses provide 3X zoom, with an additional 2X digital zoom, so you get up to 6X magnification with better resolution than most other thermal imaging devices.
The ATN Thor 3 Thermal Imaging Weapon Sight is one of the best low light imaging systems available. The exceptional image means you’ll know just what you’re shooting at, and it doubles as a hand held thermal device as well, so if you want to scout an area while using a different scope on your gun, it’s no problem.
This thermal sight won’t protect you should Thor show up and call down some lightning, but the Thor 3 will give you a great nighttime sighting option.
Just avoid hammer-wielding Norsemen.

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