Nikon Callaway LR550 Range Finder – The Blessed Rangefinder

The Nikon Callaway LR550 Laser Rangefinder is a mandatory range finder for golfers who want to take strokes off their game. Have no sympathy for all others who leave their distance gauging to faith and “eyeballing” it. They are depriving themselves of the opportunity to use the tools necessary to reach the pinnacle of holing in on that par 3 floating island green at Sawgrass. Only Nikon Golf Rangefinder technology can help you ace that shot time and time again.

Aside from one’s swing form, choosing the right clubs in the right situations is one of the most critical facets of golf. Select the correct club and you may hold the Master’s Trophy high above your head. Choose the wrong one and you may never even become a scratch golfer. On what factor do you base your club selection? There are many, but the most important one is distance. By the transitive property of distance gauging, it then holds that the golf rangefinder you select can be vital, which is why it is so important to own the Nikon LR550 Range finder.

The Nikon Callaway Lr550 features 6x magnification, 18 mm eye relief, and a 3.5 mm exit pupil which makes this Nikon Range Finder one of the most optically sound around. One of the more innovative features of the Nikon Callaway 550 is scan-mode, the ability to distance-gauge multiple targets in succession with a generous 8 second allowance. Otherwise, this Nikon Rangefinder will work using first target priority.

There is less than a month left between now and father’s day. Get your dad something you know he can appreciate. Get him the Nikon Callaway LR550 Rangefinder. The best place online to buy Nikon Callaway Rangefinders and other rangefinders is Optics Planet. With Free S&H, the lowest prices, and the industry’s best customer service, you would be remiss to shop elsewhere.

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