Blackhawk ISSAK Rifleman/Floation Kit – It’s Necessary

When it comes to selecting the gear you’re going to take into combat, where do you turn? How about the Israeli Defense Forces, the battle-hardened military commandos of America’s staunchest ally and one of the most respected fighting forces in the world. Will their word be good enough?

Blackhawk introduces the ISSAK Rifleman/Flotation Kit and they have chosen Optics Planet as the distributor of this essential gear. The ISSAK is more than just a tactical vest, it’s a tactical fortress that you place upon yourself for maximum protection and versatility. Closed cell foam floatation and padded waist panels provide you the edge you need to float to safety. You never know when you may be marooned at sea after a narrow escape from a mission gone a-rye. Sure the chances are slim, but it’s those unpredictable times that really get you into jams, and it’s the Blackhawk ISSAK that will get you out.

The ISSAK is the ultimate in tactical customization with compartments for all the tactical gear you need to keep you safe and take down the enemy. Forget about keeping them closer than your friends. Keep smoke grenades, canteens, parachute flares, and whatever you need close with the Blackhawk 30HH02DE Tactical Vest. Blackhawk tactical vests are some of the most durable, highly leveraged pieces of tactical equipment on either side of the rubicon.

The total weight of the entire tactical vest is just 6 lbs and 1.92 oz, but it’s those 6 pounds that just might save your life. Whether you’re a rifleman or machine gunner, this tactical vest from Blackhawk offers the tools you need to reach the pinnacle of tactical options just when you might be out of options. With a pouch for just about everything, the
Blackhawk ISSAK might just be the thing you need to bail you out of the stickiest of situations.

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