Nikon Archer’s Choice Rangefinder MAX – Range Finder for Bowhunters

The Nikon Archer’s Choice Rangefinder MAX is perfect for bowhunting with its design focused on real world bowhunting situations. This Archer’s Choice range finder is built to be fast, accurate, and simple, so that any bowhunter can effectively use this bowhunting accessory in order to improve accuracy and results.

The Nikon Archer’s Choice Rangefinder is another product in an extensive line of excellent Nikon Archery Equipment. This rangefinder has a minimum distance of 5 yards, and a maximum of 100 yards. The unit measures in 0.5 yards, giving you significantly more accurate information, and with it’s easy to use point and push system, all you need to do is point the range finder at your target, push a single button, and the readout will appear almost instantly. Nikon’s advanced ID Technology will also accommodate for utilizing this range finder from the Nikon Archery Archer’s Choice Accessories product line in a tree stand or on a slope.

The Nikon Archer’s Range Finder MAX can be used at an angle of 89 degrees – virtually straight up or down. That’s really impressive! The Active Brightness Control Viewfinder detects the brightness of your target and adjusts the reticle to give you a crystal clear readout every time, without you having to do anything to adjust it! As expected, this bowhunting range finder is waterproof and fog proof, and of course as durable as you would expect it to be when it bears the name Nikon! The ocular is 28% larger, at 18mm, to allow for an event faster view when every second counts – you can’t argue with features like that. The unit also comes complete with an APG Camo Case. If you are looking for a Nikon Rangefinder for bowhunting, look no further. This is exactly what you need.

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