An exciting new LaserMax Laser Sight for the exciting new S&W M&P Shield!

Perhaps the most exciting new gun to hit the market this year is the Smith & Wesson M&P Shield.  It’s so popular that we haven’t even gotten our hands on one yet!  From what we hear, S&W can’t make them fast enough.  We have a few S&W products in our store, but their bread and butter is firearms, and the M&P (Military & Police) 9mm and .40 S&W are two of the most popular.  I’ve read about them all over the place.  The M&P came out about 6 years ago, and it’s starting to replace Glocks as the preferred choice for law enforcement officials.

Smith and Wesson saw this popularity and developed a more compact option that maintains many of the same features of the regular M&P.  The new model, which was released earlier this year, is the M&P Shield.  You can still get it in 9mm and .40 S&W, but it’s a lot smaller and easier to conceal.  The comfort of the grip and power of the gun makes it ideal for many looking for a new compact auto.  The single stack 9mm is impressing a ton of people in the gun world, especially police officers looking for an off-duty concealable handgun that’s similar to the power and quality of their duty firearm.  It appears LaserMax is a big fan as well.

LaserMax, as their name implies, is all about laser sights.  They’ve developed models for Berettas, 1911s, Rugers and more, including guide rod lasers, rail mounted lasers and trigger guard lasers.  When they heard about the M&P Shield they got to work right away on a new laser sight that would perfectly fit this popular new handgun.  What they came up with is the new LaserMax CenterFire Laser Sight for S&W M&P Shield.

Let’s run through a few specs on this CenterFire Laser Sight.  First, it mounts to the frame, so you don’t have to remove or change any part of your M&P Shield.  It’s also pretty easy to mount.  I got to take a look at a CenterFire for the M&P Shield, and it looks like it’ll fit around the trigger guard easily.  Put in a couple screws, tighten and you should be good to go!  I know a lot of shooters take great pride in the care and attention they give to their firearms, whether it be through cleaning the gun or mounting and sighting in a rifle scope, but I have to say I prefer simplicity, and it doesn’t get much simpler than this CenterFire.

LaserMax Ambidexterous Buttons

Turn on the CenterFire with your index finger, and off with your thumb!

Once it’s mounted, the laser is simple enough to turn on, and the ambidextrous buttons will no doubt be welcome to southpaws.  Turning it off is slightly more challenging, as you have to push the button back to the middle on the other side, but that isn’t a huge deal as your thumb is almost in the exact position it needs to be to turn off the laser.

The LaserMax CenterFire for M&P Shields is a simple laser, so don’t expect a ton of bells and whistles.  No strobing laser, and it’s a red laser sight, not green.  Those are nice features, but they complicate the technology.  The more moving parts, the more expensive the laser becomes and the more likely it’ll fail.  As recently departed American hero Neil Armstrong told people, the one thing on the lunar shuttle he was most worried about was the button to release fuel.  He wanted a lever.  A simple, hand-pullable lever.  Why?  Because he could trust it would work.

LaserMax CenterFire for M&P Shield Open and Battery Removed

LaserMax CenterFire for M&P Shield Open and Battery Removed

The CenterFire may not have a ton of bells and whistles, but it’s simple enough that there’s little chance it’ll break down on you.  I opened it up, took out the battery, and put it back together in less than 15 seconds.  When you pull it apart, one side is solid, with no wires or batteries.  LaserMax kept all the technology to one side.  That way, if something comes out, you know which side to put it in.  If the battery dies while you’re in the field, all you need to keep track of are the screws.  The rest holds together nicely.

I can’t speak from experience as to how tough the CenterFire for M&P Shields is.  It’s tough to find an M&P Shield right now, but the construction is solid and it it feels sturdy in my hands.  I don’t anticipate problems, especially as LaserMax knows cops and soldiers will be using this laser, and they aren’t shy about letting you know if something doesn’t work.

As the M&P Shield has really taken off as an off-duty sidearm for many law enforcement officials, having a laser attached is a great help.  Concealed carry and everyday carry is about being prepared for anything.  When you find yourself in a defensive situation you’ll really like having a laser sight on your sidearm.  Not only does it improve accuracy (especially for those suddenly dangerous situations, when accuracy tends to decrease) it also acts as a deterrent to discourage would-be attackers.

The S&W M&P Shield is a really exciting new handgun, and I know people are salivating over the chance to get their hands on one.  No doubt when they do they’ll want to make their M&P Shield their own, both with laser sights like the LaserMax CenterFire and with holsters.  Whether you go with the 9mm or .40 M&P Shield, the LaserMax CenterFire gives you a compact, easy-to-use red laser sight so you can be on target in no time.

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    Ok what is new Surefire has been making replacement forearms with lights for year for both Remington and Mossberg, problem is the cost low in being 300.00. You can get a replacement forearm with a rail and attach a 1 inch mount with a tac light a do the same thing. I set up 3 shotguns for what one would cost if I did a surefire replacement forearm.

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