Crimson Trace Zombie Laser Grips – Serious Fun!

We’ve already had a little fun this May with Zombie Awareness Month.  No doubt you checked out our post on Champion’s Zombie Targets, but they’re not the only ones with zombie fever!  Crimson Trace understands the need to prepare for the next zombie uprising, which is why they’re come out with their new Zombie Laser Grips.

Crimson Trace is a premiere laser sight manufacturer.  They produce a wide variety of lasers that will greatly enhance your accuracy in the field.  Your speed of target acquisition goes through the roof with a laser sight, and they’re super easy to use.  Crimson Trace makes options for almost every firearm, from 1911s and Rugers to foregrips for your AR-15.  But they’ve expanded their horizons recently with the Zombie Laser Grips.  Laser grips are incredibly convenient, as activation is usually achieved through your normal grip.  No need to think about pressing a button.  When you draw your pistol, the laser turns on.

This is especially important in high-stress situations, such as when a massive zombie horde is bearing down on you.  Fumbling with an “On” switch can mean the difference between beautiful life and reanimated death.  I know I’d rather have a Crimson Trace Zombie Laser Grip than a bite mark.  We currently have five options available.

The Crimson Trace J-Frame Defender Zombie Grip

Crimson Trace J-Frame Zombie Grip

Crimson Trace J-Frame Zombie Grip

The J-Frame Defender is designed for use with an S&W J-Frame Revolver, which is a perfect zombie hunting gun.  It has instinctive front activation, so your fingers will turn it on as soon as you draw, and the hard polymer material is tough enough to hold up to loads of abuse.  Trust me, when the zombies come, your firearm and laser sight are going to go through a fair bit of abuse, so this durability will prove key to your success.  It uses CR2032 Lithium batteries, which last a long time and aren’t terribly difficult to find.  When you’re scavenging through supplies you don’t want to be searching for an elusive set of batteries.

The Crimson Trace Full Size Glock Zombie Laser Sight

Crimson Trace glock Zombie Grip

Crimson Trace Zombie Grip For Full Size Glocks

If you prefer a Glock to an S&W, the Crimson Trace Full Size Glock Zombie Laser Grip is perfect.  Unlike the J-Frame model, this zombie laser has a rear activation switch.  It will still activate with a natural grip, but it doesn’t modify your grip in quite the same way.  The Glock Zombie Laser Grip also uses lithium batteries, and the long battery life gives you more tactical options.  Scientific studies have proven zombies are drawn to the red dot from a laser sight.  Much like a bull or cat, zombies cannot help following the red dot.  This gives you the chance to herd the undead creatures away without using precious ammunition.  You can lay traps or save loved ones with this simple technique.  Keep in mind that seeing red will make them hungry, so while you can buy yourself some time, at some point you’ll have to deal with especially ravenous zombies.

The Crimson Trace LG431 Ruger Zombie Laser Grip


Crimson Trace Ruger Zombie Grip

Crimson Trace Ruger Zombie Grip

A Ruger is a fantastic sidearm for the zombie apocalypse.  It’s lightweight and gives you plenty of power to take down the undead.  Shotguns are popular, but you always need to complement a rifle or shotgun with a handgun.  You may not have time to reload a shotgun in a crisis.  But just because your Ruger isn’t serving as your primary weapon (though it certainly could) that doesn’t mean you should neglect to make it as effective a tool as possible.  The Crimson Trace LG431 Ruger Zombie Laser Grip attaches around the trigger guard, so it will most likely require a new holster, but there are plenty of options available from Galco so you won’t have a difficult search to find one.

The Crimson Trace Springfield XD Zombie Laser Guard

Crimson Trace Springfield Zombie Grip

Crimson Trace Springfield Zombie Grip

Another trigger guard-mountable Zombie Laser Sight is the Crimson Trace Springfield XD & XDM Laser Guard.  What separates this model is the battery.  You can use either one 1/3 3V Lithium battery or two 357 silver oxide batteries.  Both provide north of 4 hours of power.  I think having two options will serve you especially well after the zombie apocalypse, as batteries may be tough to come by, so if you can only find one type, you’re still all set.  The Springfield XD Laser Guard still gives you outstanding performance and instant activation, so you’ll take down a whole horde without missing a shot.

The Crimson Trace Zombie 1911-Style Pistol Laser Grip

Crimson Trace 1911 Zombie Grip

Crimson Trace 1911 Zombie Laser Grip

Last but certainly not least we have the Crimson Trace 1911 Style Pistol Zombie Laser Grip.  1911-style guns are one of the most popular handguns in the world, and it’s no wonder why.  Not only is it a beautiful gun, but it has unreal performance and reliability that is nearly unmatched in any other handgun.  You can count on a 1911 Pistol to take down a zombie, and you can count on the easily-mounted Crimson Trace 1911 Zombie Laser to always activate and keep you on target.  This is an unbeatable combination.

Regardless of the option you choose, a laser grip intended for zombie slaying is going to keep you alive.  Laser sights are perfect for up close and personal shooting, and that’s where you’ll need it when the zombies show up.  After all, they can’t bite you from far away!

Most people think zombies know no fear.  Untrue.  Most zombies never encounter a situation that they NEED fear, but if you mount one of these awesome Crimson Trace Zombie Grips you will see terror fill the eyes of the undead.  And to make this better, they are available at OpticsPlanet now!

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    Ok what is new Surefire has been making replacement forearms with lights for year for both Remington and Mossberg, problem is the cost low in being 300.00. You can get a replacement forearm with a rail and attach a 1 inch mount with a tac light a do the same thing. I set up 3 shotguns for what one would cost if I did a surefire replacement forearm.

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