Cut to the Chase – These Videos will Help you Pick a Knife!

We’re always getting in new knives, but it can be tough to figure out which is the best fit for your needs.  We have hundreds of different options, each with a different set of specifications that give you different performance for different needs.  There is a big difference between a simple pocket knife for everyday use and a big fixed blade knife for hunting.  So how do you pick a knife?  That’s a tough question, but we like to give you extra information to help you decide.  OpticsPlanet has a number of product specialists on hand who can answer your questions, and our How-To Guide Section is constantly growing and being refined to make sure the products and information is up-to-date.

Today, we’ve put together a couple new videos to give you a better idea of what some knives look like in action, rather than with a static photo.

The Gerber Mini Paraframe Folding Knife

The video at the top of the page is of the Gerber Mini Paraframe Folding Knife, which is a perfect little folding knife for carrying around all the time.  The blade is 2.2 inches long, so you’ll hardly notice it in your pocket, but the serrated edge will give you a fantastic cutting tool.  The blade is stainless steel so you don’t need to worry about it’s durability.  This is a simple knife.  Outside of the pocket clip there aren’t any real bells and whistles on the Gerber Mini Paraframe, but it is a solid knife for casual use.

Gerber LMF II Infantry Knife

If you’re looking for bigger and stronger in a knife, the Gerber LMF II Infantry Knife is a cool choice.  This is a fixed blade knife, and that blade is roughly a quarter inch short of 5 inches, so this knife is going to be too big for slipping into your pocket every day.  It is a smart choice for hunting and camping though, and there are some sweet accessories that come along with it.  I highly suggest checking out the video, especially toward the end, as George shows off the sheath, which has leg straps for a secure fit, and an included blade sharpener so you can put a quick edge on your knife.  It may not be for everyone, but the Gerber Infantry Knife is a tough tool for many situations.

SOG Seal Pup Elite Tactical Fixed Blade Knife

For another fixed blade option, but this time from the fine folks at SOG, check out the Seal Pup Elite Tactical Knife.  This knife is very similar to the Gerber Infantry Knife, though I have to admit I miss the sharpener.  The sheath with the SOG Seal Pup is tough and user-friendly, but it doesn’t have the sharpener.  It does connect very easily to various harnesses and belts, and you can mount it in the way you want.  It’s a nice general use field knife.

SOG Salute Folding Knife

Like the Gerber Mini Paraframe folding knife, the SOG Salute Folding Knife is a simple and straightforward knife.  Both are great for slipping in your pocket, though the SOG Salute has a little bit longer blade, and it has a really tough back lock, which keeps the blade nice and secure.  These details are huge, and take the blade to the next level, but I know in some places you aren’t allowed to carry a blade over 3 inches.  This is a fantastic knife though, and is a great addition to your EDC.

What do you think of these New Knives?

I’d love to hear which of these knives is your favorite.  Do you prefer a fixed blade or folding?  SOG or Gerber?  Sound off in the comments below!

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