Leupold RX-1000i Rangefinder Video from SHOT Show!

I’ve written a bit before about some of the great new items Leupold displayed at SHOT Show.  From the very slick Leupold VX-R Zombie Scope to the brand new Leupold Boone & Crockett Gold Ring Spotting Scope, Leupold had some great new gear at this year’s show, and we’ve been really excited to have full video interviews with their representatives.  Well, there’s one more cool new product from Leupold’s SHOT Show display: the RX-1000i Rangefinder.

This new Rangefinder just recently released, but it is so great that it helped Leupold win the OpticsPlanet 2011 Brilliance Award for Rangefinder Brand of the Year!  There are a number of reasons for these accolades.  The new engine inside these laser rangefinders has been in development for the past three years, and the RX1000i is the first to enjoy the superior processing power and improved accuracy of this engine.  Even more impressive is the speed of the new processor.  In the past, rangefinders take about one or two seconds to give you a reading.  No more.  The processor in the RX1000i will give you an instantaneous distance measurement, so when you’re in the field searching for elusive game and that prize winning buck finally comes into view, you’ll have an exact distance right away so you can take your shot before it disappears.

Another benefit of the RX1000i’s new processor is that it’ll give you mil-radian holdover values, so if you have a mil-dot reticle these rangefinders will give you yet another cool way to get on target fast.

Outside of the great new processor, the Leupold RX1000i uses a new display that will help you range in those twilight hours of dusk and dawn.  Normal rangefinders have an LCD display.  While they’re easy to read, they also wash out colors and diminish resolution.  The RX1000i uses an OLED display, which greatly boosts the resolution and light transmission you’ll enjoy.

If you want to get your own Leupold RX1000i, we have two models available right now at OpticsPlanet.  The regular Leupold RX1000i Compact Rangefinder is a great choice for most hunters and archers, but those who are interested in having an inclinometer for achieving greater accuracy when your target is above or below you will want to check out the Leupold RX1000i TBR Compact Rangefinder.  Both models have that great new processor and the fantastic quality that has come to be associated with Leupold.

Be sure to watch the Leupold Rangefinder SHOT Show Video above, then visit the product pages for all the specs!

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