ATN Night Vision & Thermal Imaging at SHOT Show – ThOR & OTIS Scopes & Monoculars!

This latest video may be my favorite from today, as it features ATN’s SHOT Show products.  I haven’t written very much about ATN because the video really can’t be done justice with words.

You really have to see the amazing contrast, along with all the different color modes, the various reticles and more offered by the ATN ThOR Thermal Rifle Scopes.  I’ve seen some great thermal imaging equipment in action before, and I was still REALLY impressed by the quality of the image from the ThOR.  There were so many options to choose from, yet it seemed easy enough to use that you wouldn’t have to worry about getting confused while trying to use the scope on the battlefield or out hunting.  You can tell Trevor was really impressed as well.  The ATN ThOR should be available around mid-February.

In addition to their outstanding thermal imagers, ATN also showed off their night vision devices, specifically the ATN OTIS binoculars.  It is really packed with features, and has various output levels, so you can really get a wide range of uses out of the OTIS and the ThOR.

I know I can’t convey the amazing quality of these awesome new products from ATN, so I’ll just say one more time that you HAVE to check out the video.  These low-light imaging tools are truly revolutionary, and I’m sure everyone will be wanting them when they release soon!

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