Trijicon SRS Red Dot Sight & Battery-Powered ACOG – SHOT Show Video!

We have two new products from Trijicon in this video interview from SHOT Show.  They’re both going to generate a lot of excitement when they come out this summer!

First up, Trijicon representative Myles Waterman showed Trevor the Trijicon SRS, which stands for Sealed Reflex Sight.  This red dot sight has an amazing battery, a ton of features, and as Myles says, it’s going to be the ACOG of red dot sights!  That’s a tall order, but if any company were to come out with an ACOG quality red dot, it’d be Trijicon!

While on the topic of ACOG, Trijicon also showed their latest in that fantastic line of sights, the Trijicon Battery Powered ACOG.  Take all the amazing performance of the ACOG, from its perfect blend of magnification and image brightness to its durability and quick target acquisition, and add in battery power for even greater functionality and performance.  The ACOG is already one of, if not THE, most durable weapon sights in the world.  The illuminated reticle is fantastic, and it’ll help you stay on target in almost any situation.  But many users want greater control over the level of illumination, and they want to maintain that level regardless of the ambient light available.  The addition of a battery will give shooters the reticle they want regardless of the light, and what makes it even better is that it uses a AA battery!  And you’ll get about 12,000 hours of light at the most powerful setting!  Holy cow!

You need to check out this Trijicon Video Interview from SHOT Show!

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