Steiner 7×50 Commander V Binoculars 392 with Compass are High Definition

The Steiner 7×50 Commander Binoculars are the premier HD (High-Definition) Binoculars with compass. These Steiner binoculars have HD Steiner optics that deliver crystal clear images. If you’re after the brightest optics binoculars can offer, consider the brightest Steiner binocular made – the Steiner Commander V Binoculars with Reticle and Compass 392. These Stiener Binoculars will keep your vision completely aligned, fog-free, and crisp. Combined with the bright and steady Steiner 7 x 50 binoculars configuration, you’ll be sure to get brilliant nighttime and daytime images.

Each Steiner commander is hand-built, waterproof, and shock resistant. The high-quality housing protects the inner workings of the Steiner Commander V. The compass, integrated into the stiner binoculars, is no longer in danger of being damaged at the connection point or being sheared off. The entire compass is now rubber armored! The rubber armoring offers a good grip while protecting the binocular lenses and the optional flotation strap will keep the 7 x 50 binoculars safely afloat. The Steiner 7×50 Commander compass binoculars also comes with 30-year limited warranty from Stiener.

Looking for an online Steiner store? OpticsPlanet, Inc. is an authorized dealer of Steiner binoculars and carries a large selection of Steiner binoculars and accessories. Steiner is serious about binoculars. Since 1947, Steiner has been bringing the public great optics and binoculars built with the most advanced technology available. Today, Steiner continues to bring state-of-the-art binoculars that offer High Definition Optics, durability, and comfort. The Steiner Commander V exudes the quality and innovation expected from Steiner as these 7×50 binoculars are noticeably on the cutting edge of binocular technology.

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