Streamlight Vantage Helmet Flashlight – High Performance, High Quality

The Streamlight Vantage Helmet Flashlight is a high performance, high quality Streamlight Flashlight that easily clips to most helmets and visors. Made by the makers of some of the top flashlights on the market, Streamlight, the Streamlight Vantage Helmet Light is perfect for professionals of all types: including fire fighters, police, construction workers, miners and explorers, and so many other occupations and hobbies.

When you are looking for hands-free flashlights look no further than the great selection of headlamps and helmet flashlights from Streamlight. Streamlight flash lights always pack tons of power, and almost always are shockproof, waterproof, and exceptionally durable and long-lasting. This Streamlight Vantage Flashlight is no different – the Streamlight Vantage 69140 Helmet Flashlight is shockproof, dust proof, and virtually indestructible. The light packs 4,500 candlepower and has a runtime of 6 hours on two 3V batteries (easy to find, easy to replace, super convenient. Did I mention we have Streamlight 3V Battieres?)

One of the really great things about Streamlight is that they make their products right in the USA. They are big supporters of law enforcement, fire fighters, emergency personnel and professionals all over the country, and the rest of the world, who depend on their equipment in order to save lives. You can expect that their standards are the highest you’ll find anywhere, and as such their choice of Streamlight Flashlights says a lot about the quality, durability, and integrity of the brand. This Streamlight Helmet Flashlight is no different, and has received rave reviews from our customers who note its performance, ease of use (simple thumbscrew for attachment and detachment), and incredible durability and reliability.

No matter what Streamlight Flashlight you are interested in, we’ve got it. For that and of course the Streamlight LED Tactical Helmet Flashlight be sure to check out Optics Planet for all the best deals!

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