Vortex Viper 10x42mm Binoculars Withstand the Elements

The Vortex Viper 10 x42mm is one of the best, winning the field and stream’s 2007 best of the best binoculars award. With the high magnification and exceptional resolution, the vortex binoculars are perfectly engineered for flawless viewing. Featuring a waterproof and fog proof design, The Viper 10X42 is a compact binocular. Viper Binoculars by Vortex are the ultimate choice in all-around viewing and work well even in low light situations. Ideal for a variety of activities, use the Vortex binocular while hunting, hiking, or birdwatching. The vortex 10×42 offers extended eye-relief and features multi-layered lens coating to increase resolution and true color. With metal-reinforced eyecups, these Vortex Viper binoculars are tough and exceptionally durable.
The Viper was designed for rough and tumble situations that most binoculars cannot withstand. The Viper 10×42 binoculars can handle sand, dust, rain, and virtually anything Mother Nature can throw at them. At one time or another, most outdoor enthusiasts have experienced the harsh natural elements whether drenched from head to toe in a rainstorm or blinded by dust in a windstorm. They will tell you that there are perfect days to explore the outdoors, but Viper binoculars are the binoculars of choice when you want to venture out in less than perfect conditions. The strong and sturdy Viper 10 x42 binocular is a quality binocular from a company that knows the outdoors.
Vortex has been selling binoculars for decades. Based in Wisconsin, the Vortex brand is highly sophisticated and designs products to meet the needs of all observers. With innovative optics, affordable prices, and a love for the outdoors, Vortex stands behind all of their optical products including binoculars, riflescopes and spotting scopes. Vortex Binoculars come in all shapes and sizes including the vortex spitfire binoculars, vortex razor binoculars and vortex viper binoculars. The Vortex Viper binoculars uphold the ideals of Vortex products with their innovative design and remarkable optical performance.

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