Dependability Is Underrated & An Office Tale

Working at OpticsPlanet comes with a set of perks. One of which is that the coffee is delicious. As someone who has been drinking coffee nearly my whole life, I surely do appreciate that our coffee is so good. Since we are such a large company, we have multiple high-end coffee machines throughout the company. This afternoon, as I went to procure my second caffeine packed cup of the day, I noticed the coffee station was out of creamer. Obviously some dream-killer did not think to replenish the creamer supply, but perhaps there was some sort of emergency that compelled the individual to desert the station before refilling the creamer. Office hero that I am, I left my mug and went off to secure more creamer for the good of all my fellow co-workers. When I returned, I was confronted by an alarming sight: a gaggle of individuals from other departments using said coffee machine.

Now normally this not raise alarms, but the aforementioned nameless group travels in a flock, and descends upon the coffee station with a voracious appetite for hot water, so that they can brew their teas. That the nearby water cooler also offers hot water is of no consequence to this gang of hooligans, for they demand the hottest of hot water only, which can only be sourced from our coffee machine. Knowing that they most likely would deplete the coffee machine of its precious hot water, and leave me waiting an eternity as the machine replenished its hot water supply, my heart sunk and my face tensed. I prayed for a miracle, a miracle that this machine, of which I have spent so much time with, would magically be able to produce an endless supply of hot water, such that I would not be forced to wait, mug in hand, for my necessary caffeine boost.

As vicious co-worker after co-worker filled their cups with hot water, the machine continued to press on. This coffee-machine-that-could whirred and hummed as it dispersed more and more hot water. As the last of the group pushed the button assertively, demanding the machine do her bidding, hope began to build in my soul that perhaps this time the machine would be ready and waiting for me and my gracious request of sixteen ounces of delicious, full flavor coffee.

Alas, it was not to be. As the crew waltzed away, herbal teas in hands, cackling with the knowledge of the unfortunate situation they had landed in, I braced myself for the seemingly unending wait for hot water. During this time, two things crossed my mind:

  • These people are most definitely off my Christmas card list.
  • Dependability is way underrated.

In general, most people don’t value dependability enough. Brands like Leupold, EOTech, and Bushnell simply ooze dependability and reliability from every inch of the products they sell. A Bushnell Binocular does not make you wait when you’re trying to catch a once in a lifetime view, it is there, ever reliable and at your side. Leupold Riflescopes don’t lose their zero when you are trying to line up a shot on a trophy buck, and EOTech Red Dot Sights still work even when the glass is shattered. That is dependability you can count on, and a reason why end-users across the globe trust these brands for their needs.

While you cannot always depend on your co-workers, you can most definitely depend on these brands and many other fine brands offered right here at OpticsPlanet for all your hunting, tactical, birding and outdoor gear needs.

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