A Flashlight to last a lifetime!

We all know it is a good habit to keep an emergency flashlight on you and always wish we had one on us when a rare situation comes around. Clip-on flashlights are a popular choice among many. The advantages of key chain flashlights is that they are lightweight and small enough to keep in your pocket or purse. Of course, the typical disadvantages of little flashlights is that they are less bright and can break easily. Among the many new products we have been adding to our Optics Planet store recently I spotted a variety of small, powerful, and very reliable pocket flashlights by ASP. By doing a little research and testing on these flashlights by ASP, also known as ASP Wearables and The Wearable Light, I must admit, the cycle of disadvantages of clip on flashlights has been broken.

Don’t mistake these unique ASP flashlights for toys. ASP‘s new technology in personal lighting products provides A Lifetime of Light where and when you need it. These award winning brilliant flash lights will become your constant companion. Attach them using the Tri-Ring Clip to your keyring, purse, belt loop, parka, zipper, backpack, you name it! Bring them along anywhere you go. The flashlights’ water resistant frame makes them perfect for boating. Choose among three different finishes the translucent Mirage Series, vibrant ChromaColor Patriot Series, or the forged brass strikings Classic Series.

The most striking feature of an ASP Flash light is the high efficiency, non deteriorating solid state beam of with a 180° viewing radius that is visible over one mile.

Throughout the world, ASP remains the top choice of professionals. Their products are built into a standard of quality. ASP backs their products for life. Enjoy a lifetime battery and crystal replacement if anything is to happen to your ASP Wearable flash light.

ASP Wearable Light, a lighting system so advanced that it is guaranteed for life!

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