Improve Your Aim with the OPMOD G.U.M.B. Universal Boresight

If you’ve ever sighted in a firearm, you know that it can be a pain. Thankfully, OPMOD and Sightmark are taking the hassle out of it with the OPMOD Sightmark G.U.M.B. 1.0 Green Universal Boresight!

OPMOD Sightmark G.U.M.B Boresight

Slip the OPMOD Sightmark G.U.M.B Boresight into your kit – it fits virtually any gun!

Just slip this nifty device onto the end of your barrel, turn it on, and get ready to sight in. The Sightmark OPMOD Boresight fits magnetically onto almost any barrel, so it’s easy to attach and remove – a fantastic feature when you’ve got more than one firearm to sight in. The green laser is easy to see and line up with your sights or reticle, so if your range is brightly lit, you won’t be squinting to find the mark on your target.

And when they say “universal,” they mean it. The G.U.M.B. Bore Sight, modified by OPMOD, fits onto virtually any barrel. This is a boon for me, as I dislike having to deal with arbors to fit the specific caliber of my guns.

Plus, I’m relatively thrifty, even when it comes to my favorite hobbies. We’ve got an ammo shortage going on, and I don’t need to waste precious bullets ensuring that my riflescope is sighted in properly. The OPMOD Sightmark G.U.M.B. Boresight takes the hassle and the expense out of the whole experience, allowing me to conserve my ammo for target practice and, more importantly, the hunt.

Once you’ve sighted your scope in, just pop the G.U.M.B. off of your barrel and fire off a couple of rounds to compensate for bullet drop or any other inconsistencies that may arise. Now that you’ve got the ideal alignment, slip the Sightmark OPMOD G.U.M.B. Bore sight into its lightweight carrying pouch for future use.

I love shooting, and I don’t love wasting ammo and time. I especially don’t like frustrating time spent sighting in weapons. If you’re like me, check out the Sightmark OPMOD G.U.M.B. Green Universal Boresight today! What will you be sighting in?

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