Living For That First Shot

Living For That First Shot

It’s been a rough week at work, you’ve been working your butt off on something only to have your boss tear you a new one. Trust me, we’ve all been there and it’s not a good feeling. But today’s your lucky day, you’ve got plans to hit the range tonight, the gun range that is, because that’s the only range that matters. After hiding out in the company bathroom for the last 20 minutes of your workday and quietly slipping out the back door, you’re now in your car racing to the closest pew pew palace. It’s a miracle you didn’t get pulled over since the manner in which you got to the range could have easily been mistaken as a scene from the movie “The Transporter”.

You finally make it to your shooting lane, jam that topped of magazine into the gun knowing the exact force you exerted is enough to send the slide into battery. With that front sight bouncing slightly from a mixture of coffee and anticipation, this 9 by 19 millimeter round probably isn’t going to end up exactly where you intended it to hit on the target but it doesn’t matter because pinpoint accuracy isn’t what this trip to the range is about. And however many times you’ve been in this exact same scenario, your heart still can’t help but race with a homogenous blend of nervousness and excitement. You plant the pad of your finger on the trigger, slowly taking out the slack, exhale and BAM.

Living For That First Shot

Living For That First Shot

You’ve just experienced what it’s like to take that first shot at the range. Although your first shot story may vary, if you’re a gun owner you know what I’m talking about. There’s an overcoming surge of emotions that very few words can describe when popping off that first round. I don’t know about you guys but even when competing, I rarely remember the second, third or even last shot. As corny as it might sound, that first shot is like when you kiss a women for the first time. You may kiss her a thousand more times and some might be marginally better than the others but no matter how long you date her, that memory of the first is only a synapse away.

I can tell you every single detail about my first time shooting but trust me it won’t come anywhere near the mental note that’s engrained in your head. Why are we so attached to that inaugural shot? I’d like to tell you I know the answer but all I can say is first experiences are what make you, you and I’ve been chasing mine ever since. It’s why we spend countless hours and thousands of dollars on guns and gear, trying to mimic that first of first shots. Nothing is better than the natural highs in life and pulling triggers is up in the stratosphere for me.

I leave you with an excellent quote from an even greater man, Ricky Bobby- “If you’re not first you’re last”.


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