Surefire XC1 -Best Compact Weapon Light?

Let’s face it, most self defense situations happen in no light/ low light situations. We can all agree that a weapon light on your self defense firearm is a must but how does one go about carrying a handgun with a light on it “comfortably” all day? The key phrase is comfortably, because all too often when a gun becomes a nuisance we’ll either leave it in the glove box instead of on us or worse yet at home in the safe.


Now this is by no means a diss to weapon light manufacturers but they’ve all failed at creating a suitable light for our carry guns that would provide the correct amount of illumination but not add that much more to the overall size of our gun. Surefire being who they are, identified this problem and has come out with I consider to be the best compact weapon light EVER…..the XC1.


Enough of me going on and on, watch the awesome video review and let me know what you think below!




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