5 Benefits of Dry Fire Laser Training Systems

laser training cartridge and target practice

Laser training is becoming more and more popular in the gun world, and it’s easy to see why. Dry fire laser training systems allow you to practice your aim and technique from the comfort of your own home. There are laser trainers designed for your own firearm and complete laser training gun kits that don’t require your gun for use. Regardless of what option you go with, training with lasers is one of the best ways to improve your shooting technique and accuracy. In this guide, we’ll break down what a laser trainer is, give an overview of different types of laser training systems, and explain why anyone serious about improving or maintaining their weapon skills should own one.

What Are Laser Trainers?

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Laser trainers are devices that use laser technology to mimic the point of impact where a live round would land. Think of one of those arcade games with colorful fake guns. You aim at your target on the screen, and the game registers where your shots hit. It’s the same concept, except the laser trainers we’re talking about today are far more advanced. Laser trainers for firearms are insanely accurate and offer much more beyond registering shot placement. 

Types of Laser Training Systems

Laser trainers are available as an accessory for your current firearm or as a separate laser training kit. The best choice for you depends on what you’re looking for and your budget.

Laser Training Cartridges

laser training cartridges for revolverlaser trainer cartridges inside revolver

Laser cartridges fit right into your chamber like snap caps and emit a visible or infrared (IR) laser when struck by the firing pin. Laser Ammo SureStrike cartridges are one of the most popular laser training cartridges and are available in many calibers and even offer adapters for use with other caliber firearms.

Laser Training Pistols

laser training pistol

Laser training pistols are standalone training guns that feature built-in laser systems. Most laser training guns are modeled after real firearms and have realistic trigger pull weights, and some models even simulate recoil. LaserLyte Training Systems include full-size and compact handguns, revolvers, and several other types of firearms. The biggest benefit to laser training weapons is safety since you don’t use a real firearm while practicing. 

Are Laser Trainers Worth It?

Good laser training systems don’t come cheap, and you may be wondering if you should buy one. The answer to that is pretty simple; if you plan to actually use the device and train often, it’s more than worth the cost. Ammunition is expensive and not always readily available. Laser training gear lets you practice as much as you want with batteries being the only cost of continued operation.

Benefits of Laser Training Gear

Not every laser trainer is the same, and different laser training systems offer unique benefits to the user beyond saving you money on ammo. Let’s go over some reasons you may want to consider purchasing a laser trainer of your own.


Laser training pistols are replica guns that cannot fire real rounds, and laser training cartridges don’t require live ammo for use. As long as you practice proper firearm safety and keep all live ammunition away from your gun while practicing, laser trainers are one of the safest methods to practice with.

Can Be Used Anywhere

laser target practice in living room

We’re not recommending you stand on your front lawn and practice dry-fire drills if you have neighbors around, but laser trainers allow you to practice in areas where you would never fire a loaded gun. You can even practice with them on your couch during commercial breaks, which is actually a pretty good way to simulate firing from a sitting position. As much as we love going to the gun range, it’s not always an option, and dry-fire laser training lets you perfect your technique on those gloomy, range-free days.

Laser Target Practice

If you want to enhance your laser training experience, then you should definitely consider buying a laser training target along with your trainer. LaserLyte Target Systems are incredibly fun to shoot at and provide real-time feedback for every shot. There are reactive targets that get knocked down when a shot is registered. If you want to practice with a friend or get some heated competition going, their Score Tyme Training Target Kit lets you go head-to-head with another shooter to see who has the fastest or most accurate shot.

Shooting Range Simulator

laser ammo training virtual range

For those with some room in their budget, Laser Ammo has range and marksman simulators that plug right into your TV or laptop. These laser training simulators come packed with tons of marksmanship drills and shooting games. While expensive, these training simulators are an amazing way to practice at home, especially for law enforcement. Some of these simulators include judgemental drills that test your trigger control by displaying targets to shoot at and civilian targets to avoid.

Taking the “Dry” Out of Dry Fire

Dry-fire laser training systems are easy to use and provide high-quality practice that you can do anywhere. Laser trainers are a great training tool to spice up your practice sessions, and we recommend them to anyone who wants to practice safely at home and save on ammunition. If you’re interested in buying a laser trainer of your own, make sure to check out our guide on the Best Dry-Fire Training Systems that goes into more detail about the different types of laser trainers and the pros and cons of each.

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