Streamlight LiteBox Flashlights – Super Bright and Long Battery Life!

Everyone needs a well constructed, durable flashlight. I know we have a ton of options available from Streamlight, from smaller flashlights that would fit in your pocket, such as the Streamlight Key-Mate Keychain Flashlight, and others that mount on a firearm, such as the Streamlight TLR-2 Tactical Light, but of all the great flashlights by Streamlight the LiteBox is one of the best.

The Streamlight LiteBox was designed for awesome performance. The battery life is outstanding, as some flashlights have a running time of up to 9 hours! But don’t worry about sacrificing brightness or beam intensity just because it runs for a long time, because LiteBox flashlights are bright. Really bright. The H.I.D. LiteBox Searchlight, for example, produces 3350 lumens and has a peak beam power of 1,000,000 candlepower. That should be more than enough light for any task you need to perform.
LiteBox Flashlights can be set down and directed to give you hands free performance, which is important for those who work in the demanding construction or engineering industries.
Many professionals need a good flashlight for safety purposes, and it’s the rugged quality and performance of Streamlight LiteBoxes that keep the pros coming back again and again. These tough flashlights will withstand heat, impact and water submersion and keep running at peak intensity. They’re hard to beat, and we carry a full line here at OpticsPlanet.

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