Check out these New Camera Accessories from Kata and Datacolor

Whether you prefer the latest technological advancements in digital cameras or the classic style and features of a film camera, you’re going to need some accessories in order to get the best image quality and to protect your equipment.
The first thing you want to get after purchasing a new camera is a good camera case. No matter how skilled a photographer you are it won’t matter if your equipment is ruined before you get to snap a single shot.
We just added a few new camera case options from Kata. First up is the Kata Bug-203 Pro-Light Camera Backpack. The Bug-203 is big enough to accommodate a Pro DSLR with a 300mm lens attached, with room for extra lenses, a flash, and other accessories. And since it’s designed for a digital camera, you can also take your laptop along, so when you get that perfect shot you can upload it to the net or email it out right away. The main compartment can be arranged per your specifications using included Aeriform Dividers, protecting each piece of equipment from banging together. A foam covered steel spine protects the case from being crushed, and the elements cover will give you added protection from extreme weather conditions. Keep everything you need at hand and safe with the Kata Bug-203.
But maybe you’re looking for something a little more manageable. The Kata Select-18 Ultra Light Camera Holster weighs less than a pound at its lightest, and even with all the included accessories attached it still weighs in at less than one and a half pounds. Like the Kata Bug, the Select-18 features a foam covered steel spine for structural protection, individual parts are protected from one another by Aeriform foam dividers, and an elements cover is included to protect against rain and snow. I know a lot of you photographers like to go hiking or climbing to get a unique shot. The lightweight and sleek design of the Select-18 won’t prevent you from getting up that last hill or mountain.
Once you get where you’re going and your camera has been kept safe with a Kata case, you’re going to want to take the best possible picture. One of the most important factors in capturing high quality images is adjusting for different light. You’ll need to calibrate for the differences in color so that your images look as good as the one seen by your eyes. Fortunately, we have some great new options from Datacolor. The Datacolor SpyderCheckr Color Calibration System has 48 spectrally engineered color patches that will never fade and reflect light in a realistic way, giving you the best sample to calibrate your colors to. The included software makes it easy to make adjustments. There are samples for everyday objects like grass, a blue sky, and various skin tones.
Calibrating blacks, whites and grays is also made simple by Datacolor with the SpyderCube. Rather than a set of cards, the SpyderCube is, as its name implies, a cube, and it’s made of ABS Cycoloy, which is a hybrid resin that will not fade and is extremely durable. One picture with the SpyderCube and you have a perfect reference for the rest of your shots!
We do our best to take care of all your needs here at OpticsPlanet. Whether you want to hunt, gaze upon the stars or take some high quality photographs, we have you covered. These new camera accessory options from Kata and Datacolor will keep you camera safe, secure, and performing at optimal levels.

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