Leupold VX3i LRP 4.5-14×50 FFP

Long range shooting is becoming more popular and more accessible every year. Both long range hunters and precision rifle competitors demand accuracy and usability. Leupold delivered the VX-3i LRP to answer that demand. Combining their proven clarity and resolution with common long range features makes the VX-3i LRP exactly what precision shooters appreciate.

VX3i LRP Overview

The VX-3i LRP 4.5-14×50 FFP is my preferred model, as it is the shortest length and has a usable low magnification for shorter engagement distances. All the models in the VX3i LRP line have integrated throw levers, side focus, and exposed elevation turrets. But the 4.5-14x FFP is only offered in MIL reticles/turrets while the other models are available in either MOA or MIL reticles/turrets. Leupold also offers both Second Focal Plane and First Focal Plane models in the VX3i LRP line to match your shooting style.



4.5-14×50 FFP Specs

Weight: 20.3 oz                                                                 Eye Relief: Low – 4.41 inches, High – 3.62 inches

FOV (ft/100 yds): Low – 20.5, High – 7.6                  Adjustment Click Value: 1/10 MIL

Elevation Range: 23.3 MIL                                            Windage Range: 23.3 MIL

Reticles: TMR or CCH                                                     Length: 12.3 inches

Tube Diameter: 30mm

FFP TMR Reticle

FFP TMR Reticle

FFP CCH Reticle

FFP CCH Reticle

First Impression

Mounting this scope on my 5.56 AR was painless. I have plenty of 30mm mounts and the generous eye relief made placement easy. Once I got out to the range, I got on paper at 50yds and then finalized my zero at 100yds. I capped the windage turret afterwards and didn’t touch it again. A capped windage elevation turret is ideal as it can easily get bumped off your desired setting during transportation when it is exposed. But you can set up the turret to be exposed with an included thread protector if that is your preference.

The exposed elevation turret is easy to read and make adjustments, due to the tactile clicks and 5 MIL increment travel indicator. The turret might be a little tall for some shooter’s preference but I didn’t find it to be an issue. While I was using holdovers for most of my shooting, I would definitely be dialing in elevation for anything greater than 200 yards.

Another feature I really appreciated is the integrated throw lever. This is usually something you have to buy separate. I usually do purchase one since having a throw lever makes both gross and fine magnification changes much easier. So not having to spend the extra money/time to acquire one was great.



Overall I think this scope offers a ton of value. It focuses on the optical quality and usable features that long range shooters need, especially newcomers. Illuminated reticle options would be nice to have in a perfect world but they are not a necessity. The VX3i LRP line from Leupold is an excellent choice for both new or experienced long range shooters, whether hunting or shooting competition.

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