Improve your Bowhunting Range and Accuracy with the Nikon Bolt XR

Like any hunter, bowhunters are always looking for an advantage in the field, but the added challenge of bowhunting makes quality equipment that much more important. You need to be a lot closer when hunting with a crossbow, and the conditions affect your shot more than when firing bullets.

So what is your best chance at increasing accuracy in the field? I’d suggest the Nikon Bolt XR 3X32 Crossbow Riflescope. If you see great game at 60 yards and you want to hit it consistently, you’ll need the Bolt XR Crossbow Scope. The fully multi-coated optics deliver an incredibly bright image with a wide field of view, and at 20 yards the site is parallax-free. Don’t worry about scaring off game with a reflection, because like Nikon riflescopes, the Bolt XR has anti-reflective compounds coated on the outer lenses to ensure you stay inconspicuous.

Because of Nikon’s Spot On Ballistic Match technology the Bolt XR is compatible with almost any crossbow, and the lightweight design means you won’t tire from carrying too much extra weight on your next bowhunting expedition.

While many riflescopes feature great versatility in the field, crossbow scopes tend to be lacking for field adjustments. Not so with the Nikon Bolt XR. The zero-reset turrets give you the ability to sight in at 20 yards, then lift the spring loaded adjustment knob, rotate to your zero and continue hunting. All you need to do in the field is dial in your range.

There are far too few good long distance crossbow scopes, but Nikon has produced a truly exceptional option with the 3×32 Bolt XR Crossbow Scope. Make sure to equip yourself with some Nikon Archery Equipment before your next hunting trip. You’ll be glad you did.

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