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Gossen knows that there can be no photos without light. This is why Gossen, a division of the respected lighting accessory manufacturer Bogen, takes the reins in providing the most advanced light meters in the industry. When light changes intensity or color during a shoot, things can turn sour very quickly. Having a hand held exposure meter can be useful in measuring light, looking at the amount of diffusion, or even orchestrating complicated contrast setups to make your photos look extraordinary.

With over 65 years in the business of manufacturing exposure meters, Gossen has the expertise and expansive knowledge of the dark and light aspects of photography. Perfection is not far away with the technologies and lighting accessories from Gossen. They offer many different designs of light meters, ranging from the super compact Digisix light meter, to the powerhouse Gossen Starlite. Anything is possible with their selection of exposure meters.

Another highlight in the light meter line by Gossen is the DigiPro F. This swivel head, high precision exposure meter exceeds the requirements and demands of the most talented photographer and gives a multitude of benefits. It is compatible with most radio slave transmitters, can calculate multiple flashes, has automatic battery control, and can be easily operated with one hand. No matter what your application may be, Gossen exposure meters are the difference between night and day.

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