FLIR offers today’s hottest selling infrared thermal cameras

OpticsPlanet is excited to welcome a new addition to our night vision section, thermal imaging cameras by FLIR. FLIR Systems is one of the world leaders in thermal imaging systems.

We offer a low cost, lightweight thermal imager packed with excellent features that make it the right choice for law enforcement. Nighttime pursuits and searches are difficult as lighting is limited. The FLIR ThermoVision FlashSight allows you to see in total darkness, fog, smoke, and even in the most obscurities.

The FLIR ThermoVision ThermoSight is especially designed for military special operation units. The Thermo Sight can be used as both a pocket scope and a weapon-mounted sight. Enjoy the numerous benefits of the number of great features, like: dual use, selectable silent mode, image capture, and more.

Another Great pick for law enforcement personnel is the FLIR Patrol IR Thermal Night Vision Viewer, now offered at a low cost, with compact pan and tilt. The Patrol IR is essential for patrol vehicles that do not want to disclose their location, especially in total darkness. The FLIR Thermal Viewer makes it impossible for a suspect to camouflage their heat.

Although we offer a few products as of now, we are working hard to add the full product line in the near future.

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