Bushnell 3 Inch Reflector Telescopes – Perfect Telescope for Beginners

The Bushnell 3 inch reflector telescope 789669 is the ultimate beginner telescope at an affordable price. This budget friendly yet high-quality telescope from Bushnell is the only telescope in its price range with a sturdy metal alt-az mount and slow motion control. The rack and pinion focuser and red dot finder scope also make this Bushnell telescope a deal like no other. With a Newtonian Reflector optical design, Barlow lens, and starry night CD software, the Bushnell 3 inch reflector telescope is the ideal optical telescope for enjoying an evening of astronomy.

Imagine a cool spring night under a blanket a stars. On a superlative evening when the air is crisp and the sky is clear, enjoy a little star-gazing with the help of the 3 inch reflector telescope. The Bushnell Reflector telescope is ideal for exploring deep space objects, the moons of Jupiter and the rings of Saturn. With four distinct packages from OpticsPlanet.com, customize your Bushnell 420 x 3 Telescope with the accessories you desire most. Choose the bundled package that best fits your needs and experience the world of astronomy to the fullest without spending a fortune.

Bushnell Optics is known for the best optics in the market. Rest assured that a Bushnell telescope is a first-rate optical telescope that comes with a limited lifetime warranty from Bushnell. OpticsPlanet.com is an authorized U.S. Dealer of Bushnell products and is proud to offer a wide selection of Bushnell telescopes including the 3 inch reflecting telescope. With free ground shipping on orders over $29.95, a 100% satisfaction guarantee, and hassle free holiday specials, OpticsPlanet.com is the place to go for telescopes this holiday season. Experience the night sky with the Bushnell 3 inch reflector telescope from OpticsPlanet.com and enjoy astronomy for years to come.

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