On the Level with Tripods

Leupold Compact Tripod

If you are trying to get the best out of your camera, then a professional tripod is the must have accessory for your kit.  A tripod makes sure that your images are not blurry, which occurs when there is camera motion when the shutter is open.  There’s nothing worse than missing that perfect Kodak moment because you’ve had too much caffeine.  Tripods are a necessity when taking pictures, period. 

A tripod is a three legged stand used to stabilize a camera, telescope, or another optical instrument.  It is essential to keeping everything steady and straight.  To accomplish this task, camera tripods have two basic parts: a tripod head and a tripod leg set.  Less expensive tripods are sold with both of these parts together and without the ability to interchange them.  The more expensive models require you to buy the two elements separately.

When using a tripod, it may become useful to move your optical instrument around, and this is accomplished by mean of the type of tripod head that you are using.  Tripod heads can be two-way, three-way, and ball type heads.  Two-way and three-way heads allow you to move the camera either two or three different ways respectively, while a ball type head allow all around movement with one motion.

So next time you are at a soccer game, out shooting photos of animals in a field, or at a graduation, make sure that you have a sturdy tripod with you to keep your photos looking as professional as possible.  OpticsPlanet carries all types of tripods and tripod accessories.  Grab a mini tripod or a compact tripod for traveling or a monopod for those unique occasions.  We have all the top brands such as Leupold, Bushnell, and Gitzo, all at unbelievable prices.  Make your photo albums shine with a tripod from OpticsPlanet!

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