ATN: Smart Technology for Night Vision


ATN has always been running laps around the competition with its fiery taste for mixing the onslaught of advanced technology with intuitive design schemata to produce a kingdom of fascinating night vision goggles, night vision scopes, and thermal imaging devices.  Their innovative phylum of night vision weapon sights stands in class well above any other nighttime viewing optic manufacturer, and this is only speaking in terms of night visionATN Corp’s family of optics can be considered the starting lineup for many law enforcement and military squadrons, and are only entrusted to those with experience, vigor, and tact.
 The genus which is ATN night vision binoculars motivates many other brands to “step it up” in regards to futuristic design and toughness.  Nothing is as tactical as the ATN NVB5X Generation 3 Night Vision BinocularAmerican Technology Network’s flashlight line branded as the ATN Javelin series feature a commanding halogen bulb that will get you the instantaneous respect you deserve, and aircraft grade aluminum bodies that can take a beating if said respect is anything but instant. An ATN laser sights will have unsuspecting adversaries wary of their engagement.  ATN products are clearly the dominant species.
How does a corporation surpass all others with such stealth?  The secret lies in their Smart Technology.  ATN has discovered a key element in night vision devices that needed more attention: the on/off switch.  Smart Technology, using advanced dynamic electronics, identifies when an aspiring tactical practitioner raises an ATN night vision binocular to his balaclava, the device turns on like magic.  When targets have been spotted, the night vision optic shuts down.  No longer will you damage your night vision device by leaving it on or exposing it to light.  ATN is really doing all of us a favor, and OpticsPlanet makes this luxury available to you.

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    My friend just got one of those, pretty amazing stuff. I am still saving up but will pull the trigger on the ATN soon.

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